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Four Eyes
Four Eyes rated it 9 years ago
Osho rated it 9 years ago
I wavered between 1 and 5 stars while I was reading. I settle on 3 for these reasons: On the more stars side, Murakami's story is engaging and entertaining. I was curious to learn what would happen. He usually uses symbolism very well, and he has a sly sense of humor. Some of his images are startlin...
Book Brats
Book Brats rated it 9 years ago
Got to page 340 before I decided to throw in the towel on this one. It's just too long. I love the story, but it's just too long!
ashurtech rated it 9 years ago
A bit of a change of pace from my usual reading, but I really enjoyed it, highly recommended.
Bettie's Books
Bettie's Books rated it 10 years ago
Leoš Janáček, Sinfonietta: http://youtu.be/jVN5STjc4ngI'm expecting cats, quake, tsunami and a well... This is a book of two halves however, inconveniently, the like is mingled with the dislike so it is not as easy as just ripping out the offending 500+ pages.Have to ask - do you also think Murakami...
auntieannie rated it 10 years ago
I liked it -- let's say 3.5, but I didn't love it. I liked: most of the characters (Aomame, Tamaru, the dowager and even Ushikawa. the atmosphere and moodiness -- definitely characteristic Murakami. Wish I read this one on the Nook -- this added a lot of weight to my backpack for 2 weeks. ;-)I'm lef...
debnance rated it 10 years ago
A religious cult. A man ceaselessly knocking on doors to collect fees for tv usage. The Little People. Two moons. A dowager. A private investigator. A bodyguard. A ghostwriter. Nine hundred and twenty-five pages of strangeness. I could write fifty pages about this book and you’d still have no clue w...
Readundant rated it 10 years ago
This is the first new Murakami book since I started reading Murakami. --About six months after I finished this book, and I've just lowered the rating. Why, why have I done this? 1Q84 was a Murakami marathon, and by the time I finally finished it, I think I was experiencing a runner's high. Now I've ...
miscellaneous debris
miscellaneous debris rated it 10 years ago
Weird and wonderful, and surprisingly linear for a Murakami novel, with only a smattering of things left unresolved. I wouldn't recommend this one as an introduction to the author, but his fans will be pleased with the opportunity to spend a large stretch of time in his bizzare world. If you haven'...
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