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2666 - Community Reviews back

by Roberto Bolaño, Natasha Wimmer
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Cynically Speaking
Cynically Speaking rated it 3 years ago
While I canot call Mr. Bolano's last work "2666" profound it was very different. The book is made up of 5 disparate sections which are only connected via a multitude of female murders in Santa Teresa Mexico. The fourth section of the novel is an accounting of the murders (serial killings) from 199...
bbbart rated it 4 years ago
``An oasis of horror in a desert of boredom.'' -- BaudelaireIf there was ever a book impossible to write a review about, it must be Bolaño's 2666. Having just finished the book, I have the urge rating it with five stars. The last 100 pages were really amazing.However, I also remember the utter bored...
kennethjmcginnis rated it 5 years ago
Parrish Lantern's Casebook
Parrish Lantern's Casebook rated it 6 years ago
2666 is an unfulfilled love story, its a world war 2 epic, it’s science fiction, it’s horror, reportage, it’s a thriller, it’s a comedy, it’s a vision of hell. It’s also the vision St Thomas Aquinas had of heaven, where the righteous can enjoy their beatitude & the grace of god more richly by being...
All the World's a Page
All the World's a Page rated it 6 years ago
Oh boy. 2666 was so good. 2666 was also so awful. I liked some of it very, very much, but I also kind of hated it. I'm very conflicted about it. Even as I write this I'm thinking about my (currently) four-star rating: "should I drop it to three? no, should I raise it to five? ...not that either, but...
Marvin's Bookish Blog
Marvin's Bookish Blog rated it 8 years ago
It is said that Bolano meant for this work to be published as five separate books over a five year period partly as a way to assure his family's future. The publishers decided to release it as a single work stating that would have been Bolano's literary preference. I'm not so sure. Each of the five ...
I'm Reading...
I'm Reading... rated it 8 years ago
First sentence:”The first time that Jean-Claude Pelletier read Benno von Archimboldi was Christmas 1980, in Paris, when he was nineteen years old and studying German literature.”P. 99: “To his greater discredit, Alatorre didn’t speak German, which disqualified him from the outset.”Last sentence: “So...
MochaMike rated it 9 years ago
So many intelligent and thoughtful reviews already exist for 2666 that another, one from the School of Redundancy School, seems like a waste of time that would be better spent rereading any of Bolaño’s works. This is one that will haunt me, one for my To Reread shelf, then for my To Rereread shelf. ...
Lotus wild over sakura
Lotus wild over sakura rated it 9 years ago
Occasionally a book comes along whose peculiar title is the sole purpose of the purchase. Immediately commencing on the initial pages, it plunges you in a labyrinth of complete brouhaha enmeshing every demented string whilst deciphering normalization of reasoning. And as the book concludes, you em...
aaronbfrancis rated it 9 years ago
Now to await the translation of the alleged sixth part…
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