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A Little Princess - Community Reviews back

by Frances Hodgson Burnett
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The better to see you, my dear
The better to see you, my dear rated it 3 years ago
Gorgeous introspective book. Reading this right after The Secret Garden, it's easy to be amazed and enchanted by Hogson Burnett's ability to transport the reader to that state in childhood where the mundane is made magical with barely a flick of the mind. I reckon that's one of the draws of these bo...
warrior rated it 3 years ago
I used to love the movie when I was a kid, so I guess it's not surprising that I adored the book as well -the book was a product of its time and the style of it has definitely aged (the sheer amount of ejaculations in it!) - but overall the idea still remains - it is this really positive, really opt...
DoctorDonna rated it 4 years ago
One of my favorites from my childhood.
Mommy, am I cult?
Mommy, am I cult? rated it 4 years ago
Yep. I cried with a kid's book.
MyBookyLife rated it 4 years ago
It was a great book and I enjoyed it. Sarah and her imagination was the best parts of the story. However, I have watched the movie to this and it is a little bit different. I liked the book but the story line of the movie was much more happier and better and I preferred it more but till the book was...
Inked Brownies
Inked Brownies rated it 4 years ago
Man, I wish I had read this as a child. What a lovely book! I DID see the movie adaptation with Shirley Temple a few times and because of that had a totally different idea of what it was going to be like. And how it would end. The book is SO much better!
XLeptodactylous rated it 5 years ago
Yes, the prettiest, ruggedest copy you can find.
Jenny's Book Bag
Jenny's Book Bag rated it 5 years ago
Love it!
Moonlight Snowfall
Moonlight Snowfall rated it 6 years ago
This review was first posted on amazon on June 3, 2003. I first read this book when I was ten years old. I still remember being transported from my Boise, Idaho sunroom, circa summer vacation 1976, back to the foggy gaslit streets of Victorian London. I don't believe that I moved off that sunroom ...
Fangirls Ahead!
Fangirls Ahead! rated it 6 years ago
The way Sarah is portrayed is completely unrealistic, in my opinion. I mean, people like her because she can speak perfect French and she has a personal maid? Puh-lease.
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