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A Spot of Bother - Community Reviews back

by Mark Haddon
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XOX rated it 4 years ago
I read this a few years ago, and really couldn't remember the details. But if I gave it 5 stars, it is pretty good. I do remember a lot of guessing between characters. A mixed of misunderstanding and miscommunication make it an anxiety story over nothing. Not much really happened in the story b...
bookaneer rated it 5 years ago
~~Moved from GR: down to 10/290!~~ A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon I picked up A Spot of Bother because of the delicious understatement of a title; it reminded me a bit of The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club, and I'm an Anglophilic sucker for that form of humour. To me, it feels like a very ...
JulieM rated it 6 years ago
Great narration by Simon Vance!
Kinga's Books
Kinga's Books rated it 8 years ago
Firstly, I'd like to point out I have NOT read The Curious Incident.. but given the hype surrounding the author I was expecting big things.To be honest, if this was his first book we probably wouldn't know who Mark Haddon is. I am not sure it would even get published. It doesn't mean it's a complete...
Kate Says: "Reading Is Fun!"
Kate Says: "Reading Is Fun!" rated it 10 years ago
Books are such a subjective matter. If one person really enjoys a book, you can bet your bottom dollar that there is another person out there who will loathe the same exact book, for their own reasons. However, this is precisely why I LOVE to read books so much. I really enjoy finding the books th...
simmo rated it 10 years ago
At times I chuckled to myself, but mostly it was scary. Scary because I think I might be George Hall. Easy to read. Curious Dog was miles better though.
Eccentric Musings (jakaEM)
Eccentric Musings (jakaEM) rated it 11 years ago
Plodded through the first half, but glad to have persisted. I didn't warm to the characters right away and Haddon took a while to develop their voices. Interesting, because characters were stuck in their ruts, and the writing itself seemed weighed down by that. Or perhaps, especially in comparison t...
Ami's Hoard
Ami's Hoard rated it 12 years ago
I'd love to give it 3 stars, I really do. However, after much consideration, this is not a memorable book for me. The story is okay, I'm entertained but most of the times, I just skip the sentences especially when it is about George and Jean's story. It doesn't grip me as much as Haddon's first nove...
melissawritergrrlreads rated it 12 years ago
After reading "Curious Incident" twice, I expected more from this book. It was a good story, don't get me wrong, but not as spectacular as I had hoped it would be.
Ms. Margie
Ms. Margie rated it 12 years ago
Much different voice from "The Curious Incident...", which reinforces the strength of that voice. "A Spot of Bother" is an engaging, quick read, and Haddon is able to write from the midst of mental illness in a way that lesser writers might aspire to, but never achieve. I doubt I would have picked...
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