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A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, #3) - Community Reviews back

by George R.R. Martin
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laurieather rated it 12 years ago
Best book in the series (so far!)....
Book-lectic rated it 13 years ago
So many amzing things happened in this volume that I am immediately starting on A Feast For Crows. I am loving this journey with all its intrigue, blood, and guts!
Osho rated it 13 years ago
I have a hard time reviewing books in multi-volume series without giving too many spoilers. Therefore, I'll just say, in the technical argot of F&SF, that though it starts slow, in this one a bunch of people abruptly bite it, and some people who appear to bite it turn out not to have actually bitten...
A World of Make Believe
A World of Make Believe rated it 13 years ago
Seven hells. All right, I admit, this one took me longer to get through than the previous two, and you know why? I was so damn scared to read it. I had heard ominous whispers of the third book. People shushing each other in chat rooms and on blogs lest they spoil this great book. I’m not going to sp...
AH@BadassBookReviews rated it 13 years ago
Lots of twisty turns, battles, plotting and conniving.This was my favorite book so far.George R.R. Martin really takes the reader on a long emotional ride in his books. You can't get attached to any character - the author will just about kill any character.I did cover my eyes at parts, danced a happ...
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