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A Touch of Greek - Community Reviews back

by Tina Folsom
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Syahira's Literary Obsession
Syahira's Literary Obsession rated it 10 years ago
Not as funny as second book. Predictable. Review waaay later
No Bent Spines
No Bent Spines rated it 10 years ago
Was cute. But....just wasn't it. Yah know what I mean?2.5
Confuzzled Books
Confuzzled Books rated it 11 years ago
The God Triton, son of Poseidon, gets punished by Zeus for banging anything that moves and always getting in trouble for it. Zeus sends him to Earth to find someone who loves him for him and he has to love them back. It seems like the first five minutes he stops in a bar and finds Sophie. A little t...
Reading Under the Willow Tree
Reading Under the Willow Tree rated it 11 years ago
For this review and more visit my blog*I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for a review*Really I should have hated this book and I should probably be giving it a bad review, there was a lot wrong here and a lot I didn’t quite like BUT I found myself eagerly reading and enjoying it a...
No More Booklikes, BYE
No More Booklikes, BYE rated it 11 years ago
You have a sweet innocent girl who has been used by pretty me in the past. She meets a lusty, hot, gorgeous man and turns him away for his beauty. Well, The lusty, hot gorgeous man happens to be a very lusty Greek God, Triton who was sent to earth to find somebody to love him. You can imagine how t...
fr_larsson rated it 11 years ago
Greek mythology, Triton, the son of Poseideon, has made a mess of his life, again. This time his punishment is a bit different.He has to find a human woman who´ll love him for who he is, not his looks, and that´s easier said than done. He´s got a lot against him, his half-brother Orion, being stripp...
lilyelement rated it 11 years ago
Triton, the son of Poseidon is a playboy. He is well known for his trysts with women. Even women that are with someone else fall for his charm and gorgeous looks. Triton is caught with Zeus's mistress and given two choices of punishment. He can choose from living on the mortal realm until he finds s...
Love at First Write
Love at First Write rated it 11 years ago
I got this downloaded on my iPhone for free on iBooks so I wasn't expecting much. But putting the sex, sex language and word choice it was a great book! There was great character growth through not just triton and an overall great read
suzemo rated it 11 years ago
This book was OK... it's a rom-com trashy book using the old-skool Greek gods as subject matter. I've read worse, I've read better. I like my romance a little trashier, so that could have been better.The main character is supposed to be this independent woman, only she's not. Of course, we'll dr...
Crazy Bibliophile and Book Pimp (Not So Anonymous)
The philandering ways of Triton, Poseidon's son, have lead him to a punishment among the mortals. He must find a female to love him for his kindness, his generosity, all the qualities that he lacks. He quickly meets Sophie and attempts to seduce her- so sure that he will succeed. Until she refuses...
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