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Afterimage (In the Company of Shadows, #2) - Community Reviews back

by Santino Hassell, Ais
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Towers of Books Come Tumbling Down!
Rating: 4/5Summary: Now that Sin and Boyd are together working for the Agency and Connors is dead, everything will be perfect, right?Review: I am broken, destroyed, emotionally drained... There is just so much improvement over the first one; the plot, the writing, the characters, the flow... It is j...
ingrid rated it 6 years ago
I have read the other reviews on this book and I agree in parts and I don't. First of all it is not a romance book with all the trappings that comes with it. So no happy end, it has a very very tentatively hfn. So that will put pure romance readers off. It could have been shorter on that I agree on....
...Bookfanatic rated it 6 years ago
I feel like I've gone through a war, train wreck, god I don't know. This was so amazing and yet at the same time so horribly traumatizing. Most of this book left both Sin & Boyd emotionally bare to the world. Surprisingly it was Boyd who ended up earning most of my disappointment and frustration. Pa...
Anuski rated it 6 years ago
I love long books because I just totally involved with the characters, and this is a looong book, maybe a little too long.I´ve got mixed feelings with Afterimage, I´ve enjoyed a lot the beggining and the end but in the middle, during Boyd training, it was a little hard to get through, when there i...
Unraveling Words
Unraveling Words rated it 6 years ago
3.5 StarsDamn book had me suffering! Sweet ending though :)
KatieMc rated it 6 years ago
This really was a 3 star for me. I have several complaints about the writing and the characters. But... I am happy at where and how it ended and I will be moving on to the next installment. I am hoping for less Boyd navel-gazing and more Hsin. Lots more Hsin.
Aure `Reading With the Dark`
Aure `Reading With the Dark` rated it 6 years ago
well., after this book my thoughts are running wild. some heavy shit had hit the pan . And I'm fairly certain it's just the beginning,.
Rachel Likes
Rachel Likes rated it 6 years ago
**SPOILERISH**Hsin and Boyd’s Evenfall HEA is short lived with this sequel. However, this only improves the characters, the story and even the writing! Don’t assume too much - Boyd’s rambling soliloquies are still present, but maybe not as abundant or pointless. Still had to skim at some parts - ...
Ilhem rated it 6 years ago
Honestly, I don’t think that you can call this a review, it’s more me getting things off my chest. Sorry for that. Feel free to throw me stones if I’m being pompous and/or unfair.I liked the drastic turn Afterimage took in the series, the story was less jumpy, focusing on the topic of people clingin...
tricours rated it 6 years ago
Sadly, Boyd turns into an idiot in this book, but I still love it.
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