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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Community Reviews back

by Lewis Carroll, Margaret W. Tarrant
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My Cup of Tea
My Cup of Tea rated it 6 years ago
Emma's Tea Party buddy read :)
Bookish Blerd
Bookish Blerd rated it 6 years ago
An Exercise in InsanityThis book was insane. The adventures she had and the creatures she met...It all sounded like what a bad acid trip would be like. I'm honestly not sure I enjoyed it. This may require a re-read in the future.
Ellen Allen Writes
Ellen Allen Writes rated it 6 years ago
My rating: 3 stars (out of 5) I wasn't sure what to expect when I read this with my daughter. I'm not seven years old anymore and so much of the literary nonsense in this book has passed into common usage ("mad as a hatter", "the queen of hearts" and so forth) and it's all such a big part of our c...
Bay's Books
Bay's Books rated it 6 years ago
Title: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Author: Lewis Caroll Original Published Date: 1865 Pages: 106 Edition Language: English Format: Hardback Category: Children's, Classic, Fantasy, Review: Like Peter Pan, I do not think a summary will be needed here. If I am wrong, it is about a little girl ca...
Tweezle Reads
Tweezle Reads rated it 6 years ago
Alice is an interesting little girl - one who seems privileged and somewhat spoiled. I found her somewhat tedious and aloof and had a hard time connecting with her or really caring what happened. This is one of those books I kept looking at the page count to see how long it would take to finish. I...
annie reads stuff
annie reads stuff rated it 6 years ago
Existen muchos libros alabados hoy en día que parecen inaccesibles porque las condiciones sociales no son las mismas, por la evolución del idioma o simplemente por no ser parte de la audiencia que el escritor buscaba. Los dos últimos casos podrían aplicarse a Alicia, quien es conocido por casi todos...
boghunden rated it 6 years ago
What a fun story this was! I had no idea the Disney movie was so true to the book. I found myself laughing every now and then, I just couldn't help myself. The characters were well thought of; they were fun, creepy, loveable etc. I really liked them! There really isn't much to say. It was a pleasure...
So.... Nicky?
So.... Nicky? rated it 7 years ago
I've read "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass" at least a dozen times, and noticed something new and intriguing each time, which is why it earns 5-stars. The annotations in this edition add even more. Fantastic wordplay, satirical takes on then-famous poems, and illustrations that d...
The Smell Of Yellow Pages
The Smell Of Yellow Pages rated it 7 years ago
I know what you are thinking. Alice In Wonderland? Seriously!? Come on! I hope this review isn’t written by a nine year old!! Well, I just couldn’t help it. When I saw this lying in my school library, I was sucked into reading this beautiful gem of my halcyon days of childhood. I was so blinded b...
Austen to Zafón
Austen to Zafón rated it 7 years ago
I have read through this version many times and I love all the great extra information Gardner gives that enhances the understanding of the jokes, the rhymes, and the back history of the time, the characters, and the author.
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