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Ned Hayes Writing
Ned Hayes Writing rated it 6 years ago
Alif the Unseen has a fantastic premise -- in more ways than one. A computer hacker in the Middle East discovers that jinn are real. This means that we get exposed to not just one culture, but two. We receive a complete immersion in Middle Eastern realities of life, alongside a supernatural world t...
ashurtech rated it 6 years ago
As an IT boffin, I was excited when I saw the word 'hypervisor' and then a little disappointed when the computing became increasingly nonsensical. However, geeky disappointment aside, it was a pretty great read.
Readundant rated it 6 years ago
Alif the Unseen is a novel about political unrest in the Middle East, fueled by hackers and subversives on the internet who are angry about the way their governments are controlling their lives and cracking down hard on the digital world. This virtual unrest eventually leads to a revolution of sorts...
Bettie's Books
Bettie's Books rated it 6 years ago
tien rated it 6 years ago
The beginning of the book, Chapter Zero, was set in a fascinating long ago time of Persia. The encounter between man and Djinn brought about of The Thousand and One Days into the world of men. From ancient Persia, the setting shifts to current days where Alif, a young man of Arab-Indian descent, i...
Cynically Speaking
Cynically Speaking rated it 6 years ago
8/2/2012: Aladdin meets Neuromancer during the Arab Spring. I would have preferred more Neuromance but a great read none the less.6/28/2012: Link to the NYT Review:http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/25/books/alif-the-unseen-by-g-willow-wilson.html?_r=1&ref=books
Regina's Reads
Regina's Reads rated it 7 years ago
Have you ever traveled to another country or place with a different culture and wanted to be more than just an observer? More than just a tourist? When I travel, I have this mindset that I want to go and take in, not judge or compare and not think — oh in the US we would do this. I want to just b...
Bibliophilic Monologues
Bibliophilic Monologues rated it 7 years ago
Dear People who Read Books,Please read this book.No, really, I mean it. Okay fine, I will tell you why you need to read this. The characters in this novel, while not being teenagers, are young adults and therefore this novel meets the criteria set (by me) to be called Young Adult. Okay, let me begin...
miscellaneous debris
miscellaneous debris rated it 7 years ago
Grounded in the modern Middle East but bridging virtual reality, history, and mythology, this well-paced novel brings together a thought-provoking array of characters, each with a powerful moral compass that points in a slightly different direction. The suspenseful plot combines the diverse patterns...
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