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Altered Heart - Community Reviews back

by Kate Steele
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Susan rated it 4 years ago
Could have been so good. But wasn’t.I was all jumping for joy with the great potential of hurt/comfort going on in this book.My main problem was Mitch. He was a bit too cold for my taste. And he was pushing Rio away right until 70% when he decided he wants him and loves him. Right….
Romance and other things
Romance and other things rated it 5 years ago
REVIEW WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AT DEAR AUTHOR . Genre: LGBT Were/Shape-shifter Paranormal As a werewolf and an enforcer for the Committee for Supernatural Behavioral Enforcement, Mick Matranga has seen his share of lowlifes but Kevin Sutter, pack alpha, is one of the lowest. He has forcibly tu...
She Reads Too Much
She Reads Too Much rated it 5 years ago
I enjoyed this with the exception of the Rio's age. He was 18, just turning 19 at the time the story took place. My son is 19 and I was kinda all squicked out! There was no warning in the blub that Rio was a kid. And I'm sorry. He's a kid. A kid with a sucky life but a kid none the less. It w...
kathleenlcharles rated it 6 years ago
DNF 50%
DreZ Book Addict
DreZ Book Addict rated it 6 years ago
Cute story. A little anti-climactic, but Rio was adorable. Would love to see what happens with Jed and James (Rio's dad).
MLE's Porn and Ponies
MLE's Porn and Ponies rated it 6 years ago
Typical werewolf romance, and even though I appreciated Rio's strength, and humor, the lack of balance in the relationship, the age gap, and Mick's almost paternal attitude left me a bit cold. Not bad, but it blends in with every other story in this genre I’ve read. A bit formulaic.
Dreamer rated it 7 years ago
3.5 stars.. Pleasant enough m/m werewolf romance, finished it in an afternoon. Despite the promisingly dark start, it all turned a little bit too sweet and bland for me personally. I made no highlights on kindle so sorry no quote.
Gloria's Pages
Gloria's Pages rated it 7 years ago
Strong start with an interesting world and premise, but once Rio is rescued it turns into a bog-standard sexsexesexfest with an unhealthy dose of pop psychology on top of it. Really disappointing given how good the start was. Three stars because of the awesome start--if the entire book had been that...
Reader's Discretion Advised
Reader's Discretion Advised rated it 7 years ago
I liked Steele's take on lycanthropy and its relations to the world, but the actual plot was rather melodramatic and gratuitous on the sex (to the point where the sex was just annoying).
Candice rated it 7 years ago
I was in the mood for a werewolf story and glad that I came across this one. A very enjoyable romantic story. It seemed like the way it ended, the author was setting it up for more books, but doesn't look like anymore are out there which is a shame. I would have like to read more about these char...
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