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Amber House - Community Reviews back

by Kelly Moore
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~Mairéad's Reading List~
~Mairéad's Reading List~ rated it 6 years ago
Due to unfortunate reasons that transpired. Tsk, tsk.... It's sad. :'c
Elentarri's Book Blog
Elentarri's Book Blog rated it 6 years ago
Nice writing, nice plot ideas, absolutely fascinating House. Sarah is just a tad too perfect, but I love Sammy. I didn't enjoy the lovey-dovey stuff, but then I never do. I'm looking forward to the next books.
Figgy O'Connell
Figgy O'Connell rated it 6 years ago
I have realised, thanks to gentle nudging from a friend, that I rated this book due to a deeply personal reason, different to the reason other reviewers have done so.I have discussed this reason with Tucker, and she was very understanding and supportive.It was my first ever rating without reading th...
Litchick's Hit List
Litchick's Hit List rated it 6 years ago
I feel like every book with a goddamn love triangle in it should come with a warning like this so that I know to stay the hell away from them. The triangle in this book almost ruined the whole thing for me. Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me back this bus up and start from the beginning. War...
The Mystical and the Magical
The Mystical and the Magical rated it 7 years ago
2 stars. When I started Amber House, I thought two things: a) that it was historical and b) that it would dark and creepy and fun all at the same time. Turns out, it was neither of these things. All in all, I though the storyline was quite boring and the romance didn't hold my attention. A disappoin...
Nostalgia's for Geeks
Nostalgia's for Geeks rated it 7 years ago
What an great book, I loved the detail that was put in to the story and the interesting characters that feature throughout.I will definitely be reading the sequel!
jmills01 rated it 7 years ago
Nope. I read the first third, and my notes were full of things like "Oh look, a teenage boy with a scar, must be a love interest" and "Please tell me the mother isn't going to be portrayed this much like a witch through the whole book," and "a boy with autism? Bet he'll be somehow magical and wise...
Stuti's blog for depleting ships
Stuti's blog for depleting ships rated it 7 years ago
Last night after finishing this one, I just wanted to jumpstart its review and deliver five stars which is what I believed it deserved at the time. But it was late and my sister practically shoved me away because I had school the next day- today, I mean. Horrible day, I fell asleep in two classes an...
RefractedLight rated it 7 years ago
★★★★½SOOOO good, and I cannot wait for NEVERWAS.
Fiction Freak
Fiction Freak rated it 7 years ago
Honestly? MIXED FEELINGS. SO MANY MIXED FEELINGS. I felt a little detatched all through reading this maybe I was just tired at first then I didn't make the effort?) and I couldn't connect with the characters...BUT the concept was cool and I enjoyed reading about all of those...flashes and I LOVE the...
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