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Angels & Demons - Community Reviews back

by Dan Brown
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Ivana - Diary Of Difference
Ivana - Diary Of Difference rated it 5 years ago
One of my favourites :)
DanySpike rated it 5 years ago
This is the first book in the Robert Langdon series, but this is the third one I read. I started with The DaVinci Code and then continued with Inferno, and I found them both entertaining, interesting and perfect for Hollywood movies. This one is no exception. So why did I give it only two stars? W...
My Reading World!
My Reading World! rated it 5 years ago
ملائكة وشياطين. لست واثقة إن كان يقصد (الملائكة هي الكنيسة والشياطين هي الماسونية) أم العكس؟ هذه النقطة بالذات تعمد براون في إبقاءها بلا جواب، وسأتركها كما هي عليه فلا رأي شخصي لدي.جذبني جداً العنوان بدايةً. وعندما قررت أن أبدأ في رباعية روبرت لانغدون، كانت -لحظّي الجميل- هي الرواية الأولى في السلسل...
colld corner
colld corner rated it 5 years ago
johanpatricksy rated it 5 years ago
In the Name of the Brotherhood A review on Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons Title: Angels and DemonsAuthor: Dan Brown Rank: 84th book in 2014Plot movement: 5starsEntertainment Factor: 5starsCharacters: 5starsWriting Style: 4starsDetails: 5starsProvoking: 5starsWorldly Relevance: 4starsSuspense: 5star...
chibixio rated it 5 years ago
It's such a shame to give this book just two stars (actually, 2.5 stars), because the story -or the idea behind it- is quite good. I really wanted to like it, mainly because I had seen the movie and enjoyed it. However, I couldn't get past several issues with the book that made me take a couple of s...
msleighm books
msleighm books rated it 5 years ago
**Special Illustrated Edition**This is my 2nd reading, the first time was probably when the first paperback came out. At that time, I was impressed with Dan Brown's plotting, but not the writing itself. This time, the writing doesn't bother me.I don't know if it's due to the illustrations in this ed...
Url Phantomhive
Url Phantomhive rated it 5 years ago
After reading The Da Vinci Code, which in my opinion wasn't such a great book and Digital Fortress (Which I liked), I decided to give Robert Langdon another chance with Angels & Demons. And it happened to be my favorite book by Dan Brown. You know, before reading, that it isn't going to be near to l...
Gurglings of a Putrid Stream
Gurglings of a Putrid Stream rated it 5 years ago
If the mystery at the heart of Angels & Demons doesn’t quite pay off the way we would have liked, Dan Brown at least provides an unexpected and unusual solution that saves the novel from Good Book, Awful Ending status—though it leaves us, really, with two stories. One is a breathless race against ti...
Incomplete Tales
Incomplete Tales rated it 6 years ago
Ummm…well this book was long…unnecessarily long. And I made it even longer by dragging it on, not reading it for days. I guess I liked the plot, and the characters Robert and Vittoria were great. But the others, camerlengo, popes, and all these swiss guards added up to be way too confusing. I always...
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