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Jasmyn's Reviews
Jasmyn's Reviews rated it 5 years ago
I really loved Anna Silver's idea of what a dystopian society would be like. I couldn't imagine trying to live in a world where nothing was new. Now I'm not just talking about physical items. Creativity is gone - no new songs, new ideas, new books (perish the thought). Then London writes a new song ...
arielavalon rated it 7 years ago
London was the first. She was the first to dream, the first to create. Now it's spreading to her bandmates. But dreaming, and creating, those are things of the old world. They have no place in the current world. When two people close to her are murdered, and a third goes missing, London knows there ...
Cuddlebuggery Book Blog
Cuddlebuggery Book Blog rated it 7 years ago
I got to around 26% before I DNFed. It's not that it's a terrible book because it's definitely not on Starcrossed or Fallen's level. But I did feel the writing and characters lacked a certain bit of depth that I prefer. Otherborn does have a very interesting premise, but it failed at building the ri...
A_TiffyFit's Booklikes
A_TiffyFit's Booklikes rated it 7 years ago
Review to come during the tour in a few weeks. :)*****************The future is grim and bleak and there is absolutely nothing New. No dreaming, no creativity, slowly starving to death behind city walls. It’s a pretty bleak place…and I think it’s a bit frightening because it can be so easily imagine...
booksliveforever rated it 7 years ago
There are so many dystopian out there right now, it is hard sometimes to find one that is different and unique. It’s always great to find one that catches your attention and you can vividly imagine the world layed out before you. Otherborn does just that.There are a few characters that the story cen...
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