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An American Aussie's Imaginarium
An American Aussie's Imaginarium rated it 8 years ago
I recently reread this book (originally read in 2009) because my fiance purchased the whole hardback set for my birthday this past May.He's a good man.The book is still just as good as when I originally read it, and I cannot wait until I have the opportunity to read it to my children when they are g...
The Blair Book Project
The Blair Book Project rated it 8 years ago
*Sigh* That was fun. Truly a book is so much better than the movie. And I'm so happy that things made more sense now. Review to follow.
The Cheap Reader
The Cheap Reader rated it 9 years ago
The Sorcerer’s Stone has some amazing world building. I’m the type of person who wants to know everything about a world in books. I want to know the hows and the whys of that world. Obviously I want to know everything I can about this world. Rowling does a really good job with her world building. Th...
tien rated it 10 years ago
How do you review a book you've read numerous times? I must say that this was one of my favorite out of the 7 books and it still is. There's just something about self-discovery and most especially, the first foray into magical world that is absolutely fascinating. I do find it slightly slow (and tha...
megnorris rated it 10 years ago
I'm not sure why I put of reading these or watching the films for all these years, but I'm kind of glad I did so that I can read a book, then watch the movie, and by the time I finish the last book, the last movie should be coming out, haha.Loved this. I'm glad the language is sophisticated enough t...
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