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Cynically Speaking
Cynically Speaking rated it 9 years ago
Wow. Almost a perfect book for me - Great characters, a lot of them, action/suspense, cyber/tech stuff, long, and a very good ending. I would have liked more cyber/tech stuff, but I am just being picky.It is clear Mr. Stephenson is a very good writer. The only other book of his I have read is 'Sn...
julio-alexi genao
julio-alexi genao rated it 9 years ago
Remind me never to read reviews written by my most ardent "fans."This book is great, but it appears Team Stephenson was expecting the opening of the Ark of the fucking Covenant.If you want a smart, contemporary, geeky, international action thriller written by someone who just spent 10 years writing ...
miscellaneous debris
miscellaneous debris rated it 10 years ago
I enjoyed Stephenson's voice, which is subtly funny, sprinkled with little pokes at the world of fantasy fiction and online gaming. My only previous experience with his writing was Snow Crash, so I don't have much basis for comparison to his other novels. This modern techological thriller is acces...
Title and Statement of Responsibility
I think I prefer Stephenson when his books aren't set now. The book was a bit long in the middle and somewhat gun-heavy for my tastes, but I would recommend it to any intersection of people who like spies and online RPGs. The most interesting parts of the book had to do with the virtual game world c...
Never Read Passively
Never Read Passively rated it 10 years ago
Four stars is probably generous, but since so much of the book is set in and around Seattle, I'll round up.Reamde moves faster than other Stephenson books, but lacks his characteristic depth. The plot is fun and fast, the characters are somewhat flat, but if you're just looking for entertainment, yo...
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