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Tami rated it 7 years ago
This is one of my favourite Linda Howard books. I liked both MCs - the heroine was a normal woman (unusual for most romance books! And such a nice change from the uber-beautiful, uber-confident/independent or uber-fragile types that populate a lot of m/f romance books) with two adorable twins (I don...
What Were You Expecting?
What Were You Expecting? rated it 7 years ago
I can't remember how I felt about this book the first time I read it, though I vaguely recall being disappointed in it. After this reread, I have to say I quite enjoyed it. But that might be because I skimmed and/or skipped 90% of the bad guy POV chapters. The romance between Cate and Cal is a sweet...
If wishes were horses...
If wishes were horses... rated it 8 years ago
It's not bad. I really liked the characters in this book and I'll forgive a lot if the characters are likeable. Overall I think the story is something of a rudderless ship. It's almost as if LH had a bunch of ideas left over from previous books and she decided to use them all up in this book. It's ...
samanthabk rated it 10 years ago
This book needs to be re-done. There was little connection between the main characters. They went from knowing each other in town to a kiss towards the end that ended up with them wanting to get married. I often wondered how would they come together. I'm still confused. The plot was poorly conceived...
Regina's Reads
Regina's Reads rated it 10 years ago
This book is just so bad. I listened to it on audio while at work and during my walk to the train. I checked it out from the library and typically, I am okay with less than good audio books to keep my mind occupied during mindless admin stuff I have to do at work and the walk to the train. But wo...
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