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The Golden Darter
The Golden Darter rated it 6 years ago
So in the end I *did* like this book. I'm writing this over a week after I finished it so this it's bullet time:- I didn't have a huge problem with the idea of slavery that was introduced in this world, mostly because it was just an element of their life. Some people treat the serfs like slaves, non...
portable pieces of thoughts
portable pieces of thoughts rated it 6 years ago
What I likedI have to admit Song of Scarabaeus started off slowly. It was sometimes difficult to wade through all sorts of technological terms to keep track of. Words like cypherteck, datastream, wet-teck interface, and biocyph retroviral automated terraformer (or BRATs for short) were thrown at me,...
rameau's ramblings
rameau's ramblings rated it 6 years ago
It’s really difficult for me to improve on what’s been said about this book already. Just go look at Anachronist’s or AH’s reviews and you can consider yourself fully informed. For me, the difficulties in the beginning of the book weren’t due to the language fitting for science fiction. I could adju...
Elena Likes Books
Elena Likes Books rated it 7 years ago
I wanted to like this book. I want this sort of "urban fantasy in space" genre to be a thing, but so far I have been utterly underwhelmed by the books I've read that qualify.In Song of Scarabaeus (Side note: Who okayed this title? That's a terrible title!), most of the book's interpersonal tension c...
Library Liz·ard
Library Liz·ard rated it 7 years ago
Reminding me very much of Sirantha Jax and the excellent Grimspace series, Song of Scarabaeus was an exciting sci-fi adventure. Edie and Finn, mentally 'leashed' together, make an sympathetic pair as they try to win their freedom from renegade mercs bent on profiting from stolen terraform seeds tha...
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