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Batman: The Black Mirror - Community Reviews back

by Scott Snyder, Jock, Francesco Francavilla
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Danielle's Reading Adventures
Danielle's Reading Adventures rated it 4 years ago
I was a bit hesitant about reading a Batman where it's not Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne is the one and only Batman to me. Yes, I know that's not true or canon. I just love Bruce Wayne. Having said that, Dick is a good Batman. And this was a very good graphic novel collection. It's very creepy and dark. ...
Tyson Adams Reviews
Tyson Adams Reviews rated it 6 years ago
Snyder, Jock and Frankavilla have done a fantastic job of creating this series, and a truly disturbing character and ending. Someone else used the term 'creepy' in their review, I have to echo that sentiment. This has to rank up there with Miller's work on Batman.
Ronyell (a.k.a Rabbitearsblog)
Ronyell (a.k.a Rabbitearsblog) rated it 6 years ago
Genre: Superheroes / Action / Adventure / Horror Year Published: 2011 Year Read: 2013 Series: Batman Publisher: DC Comics Introduction: Lately, I have been reading many “Batman” comics that came out during the 1980s and the 1990s, so that way I could be caught up with the “Batman” universe. ...
Ironic Contradictions
Ironic Contradictions rated it 7 years ago
There is a particular crowd of readers who would no doubt look at a graphic novel like this and instantly dismiss it out of hand. For them graphic novels are merely flashy comic strips for the geeks and nerds of society. In short, on a subconscious level, they are disenfranchising a group of individ...
Tower of Iron Will
Tower of Iron Will rated it 7 years ago
Scott Snyder wrote some fantastic stories featuring Dick Grayson as the new Batman after DC Comics' "death of Batman" stunt. Everyone knew Grayson as Batman was temporary, but the quality of these stories makes me wish DC had given this a chance. Unfortunately the time DC has given next generation...
Booklog rated it 7 years ago
I challenge you to read this and not say Dick Grayson is an awesome Batman. Bruce is good. He's awesome. he's the original -- but Snyder does justice to Gordon in the cape and cowl. For longtime Bat-fans this feels like the fulfillment of a birthright. For kids who grew up and identified with Robin,...
coffee & ink
coffee & ink rated it 7 years ago
Batman as horror comic. I especially love the expressionist coloring: crimson skies and blank orange windows, cavernous and shadowy streets.
brandonsears rated it 7 years ago
This was probably the easiest 5 stars I’ve ever awarded a book.I’m not someone who follows Batman on a regular basis so I really appreciated the short blurb at the beginning bringing me up to speed on what’s been happening in Gotham leading up to this arc. Basically, Bruce Wayne was thought to have...
Dantastic Book Reviews
Dantastic Book Reviews rated it 7 years ago
Gotham's Batman, Dick Grayson, takes on the Dealer, a man selling the weapons of supervillains stolen from the GCPD evidence room, gun runners harassing a mob bosses daughter, and possibly the greatest threat of all, Commissioner Gordon's son...You know, when DC put Dick Grayson in the Bat-costume, ...
sixthreezy readsies
sixthreezy readsies rated it 7 years ago
Hoooooooolyyyyy shit. 100 stars.
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