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Bee Among The Clover - Community Reviews back

by Fae Sutherland, Marguerite Labbe
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Reader's Discretion Advised
Reader's Discretion Advised rated it 6 years ago
Blurb awkwardness is awkward. ("Captured from Roman-held Londinium four years prior, Roman has learned in his time as Wulfgar's bedslave...")I mean, yeah, the dude's name kind of has a meaning behind it, but couldn't you have found a better way to phrase the blurb? It's not actually that punny or am...
I'll read just one more chapter
I'll read just one more chapter rated it 6 years ago
I guess I had two major issues with this book:1) it was too drawn out. this actually made me put down the book a couple of times. i can't even believe i'm gonna say this, but fewer pages would have done the story good; and2) cate. i felt it was a way too convenient character. the story had no elemen...
MaiMai rated it 7 years ago
I really did like this book. I liked the characters - some more than others and some at different times. I was totally engrossed...for the first 2/3 of the book. By about the last 1/3 I felt myself starting to lose patience with the 2 MCs, wanting to grab them both, knock their stubborn heads togeth...
Eve rated it 8 years ago
The writing is fluid and this story starts out very promisingly. However, I became increasingly annoyed at Aron, who is whinny, bad tempered, selfish and seems also rather dim. I could not cheer at all for the romance between Aron and Roman because I disliked Aron so much and just couldn't underst...
Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*
Nikyta *Miss Forgetful* rated it 8 years ago
I liked this one. There was a bunch of angst but it still left me with a smile in the end.I must say while Aron and Roman are the MCs, it was really Wulfgar that captured my attention the most. He's harsh and sometimes brutal but overall he just wants to be loved. He's caring and sweet and treated A...
Angel Martinez - Writer, Reader, Woman about town
Hooray! A historical that's pre-2oth century! This fact alone attracted me to the book. I even rather liked the cartoonish (almost anime-esque) cover - something appealing about actual art work instead of the image manipulation one sees on most covers these days.Sorry. There is a story here, as well...
Rain on Roof
Rain on Roof rated it 9 years ago
Bee Among the Clover by Marguerite Labbe and Fae Sutherland was an interesting read. Set in England when the Romans were still hanging out in London, this was a historical romance between a captured slave and an indentured thrall. The book was rather long with much smex amongst the animal skins and ...
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