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Between Friends - Community Reviews back

by Lou Harper
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Elaine White's Life in Books
Elaine White's Life in Books rated it 7 years ago
I love the way the story is told from Luke's POV. The one liners are great. The entire plot is beautiful, sad, stunning and heart-warming. I love everything about it. The relationship is real, well explored and developed and sweet. I think Luke is my favourite character, with Jules a very close seco...
She Reads Too Much
She Reads Too Much rated it 7 years ago
So not only is this short but there are some plot elements that I don't think I'd enjoy gang bang?! so I'm moving this to the nope shelf.
Tami rated it 7 years ago
This was hot. It was also a bit sweet and really good.Only a bit too short.
jules0623 rated it 8 years ago
The cover is adorable and earned one star all on its own. The story is okay. The characters aren't very fleshed out and, while I liked the format the author chose, I think it would have been much more effective for a longer story as it felt quite rushed.
Mandy, I read obsessively
Mandy, I read obsessively rated it 9 years ago
This was a nice story.I don't understand why the bachelor party scene was necessary for the story, but other than that, it was a cute and fun read.
Ami's Hoard
Ami's Hoard rated it 9 years ago
3.5 starsJust like other reviewers have said, this one is written with Luke (the narrator) "telling" readers his story -- from the night where everything changes between him and Jules, until the time where it goes down to Hell because Luke is in the closet while Jules wants to be out (and he doesn't...
Stumbling Over Chaos
Stumbling Over Chaos rated it 9 years ago
Very good short m/m romance about two guys who've been friends since they were kids. One's closeted, in deep denial, and the other's not willing to be his dirty little secret.
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