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Black Hole - Community Reviews back

by Charles Burns
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Booky rated it 3 years ago
Edit: 4.5 stars, rounded up, not down. I haven't stopped thinking about this graphic novel since I read it. I'm putting it on my favourites shelf.-----------------Original review:Grotesque, sexy, romantic, and horrific. A compelling and tragic metaphor for youth, alienation, and suppressed sexuality...
No More Booklikes, BYE
No More Booklikes, BYE rated it 6 years ago
Creepy, nostalgic and depressing. It read like a bad acid hit. I couldn't put it down even if I didn't want anymore. I was suck in the hole and I really didn't want to be there. The art work is amazing. The details, hidden bits and suggested images had me staring for long periods like a Hidden Pictu...
Book Sand Worm
Book Sand Worm rated it 6 years ago
The Basics A mysterious disease is going around among a population of teens in the suburbs of Seattle in the 1970s. A disease that causes all sorts of body horror, such as growing a tail or horns or any number of physical anomalies. We follow a group of these teens who contract the disease as they...
mayhap rated it 9 years ago
What an odd book.
Kwoomac rated it 9 years ago
I really felt like the author captured the 70s; the music, the drugs, the hair, the leisure suits ! I studies every page, wanting to drink in all the details. Really poignant story of some kids as they struggle with big issues. Being a teenager is hard. All those choices... and your parents don't kn...
Stephanie Spines
Stephanie Spines rated it 10 years ago
Fantastic. The artwork in Black Hole was exquisite and the story line kept me interested, terrified and grossed out. Amazing.
Kate Says: "Reading Is Fun!"
Kate Says: "Reading Is Fun!" rated it 10 years ago
LOVED!Read this gem of a book in a little under two hours. I throughly enjoyed how Charles Burns blurs the lines between the real and the Black Hole or bizarro worlds, as well as, the erotic with the grotesque. I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet him in person and can most certainly see how Willi...
Another fine mess
Another fine mess rated it 12 years ago
I learned: don't sleep with people who have tails or throat-vaginas that whisper truths in the night.That's pretty unfair--but I half-expected to find this book falling down one of two critical paths: a) the literalization of body/sex angst would become outright silly or b) the body/sex angst would ...
Inside a Dog
Inside a Dog rated it 13 years ago
When I read a short review of Charles Burns’ new graphic novel, Black Hole, the description of the work it proffered (quoting from the book’s jacket: “the mid-1970’s…a strange plague has descended upon the area’s teenagers, transmitted by sexual contact.”) made me wonder if the man ever wrote about ...
the terror of whatever
the terror of whatever rated it 13 years ago
I liked the pictures. I liked the setting and the set-up for the plot. I didn't like how it all kind of falls off at the end, with a vague attempt at a murder mystery tacked on, and one of the primary story lines twisting off into nothing. Proof that graphic novelists need editors, just like regular...
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