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Blackveil - Community Reviews back

by Kristen Britain
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Debbie's Spurts
Debbie's Spurts rated it 2 years ago
A truly long wait between books in this series. As well-written, action-packed as the others with the characters readers of this series will have invested in. But lots of POV switching, took half the 700+ page book to get to Blackveil and while not exactly a cliffhanger left everything up in the ...
Purple People Readers
Purple People Readers rated it 2 years ago
I love the Green Rider series. I fell in love with it six years ago when my best friend handed me Green Rider and told me that I would probably be done with it the next day. She was right. Blackveil, however, just wasn’t up to par for me. What I liked: The suspense is terrific and I am greatly ...
Blodeuedd rated it 7 years ago
Do you know what the most horrible part was? Knowing that it might take years before book 5 comes out! Yes I do mean years because book 1 came out in 1998..do the math. The other books have all ended well, even if the doom is out there, but this one, no of course it did not end like that. It ended w...
Tammie's Reading Reviews
Tammie's Reading Reviews rated it 8 years ago
I'm developing a love/hate relationship with Kristen Britain. While I thoroughly enjoyed this book, some of the things that happened in it were agonizing. At the end we are left with a cliffhanger, which I don't necessarily dislike in general, but it looks like there are 3 to 4 years between the pub...
Bookstooge's Reviews On the Road
Bookstooge's Reviews On the Road rated it 8 years ago
I started this book fulling expecting it give it one star. I was uber-pissed about the length of time between book 3 and this. I didn't care about Britain's "reasons" given on her blog or anything else she had to say. As the story went on, I got over that. This was a half decent story with some re...
attempting obscurity
attempting obscurity rated it 8 years ago
Okay, I liked this book, I really did. I love all Kristen Britain's books, and far be it from me (an unpublished writer) to criticize someone so talented and brilliant, who's actually made it. But oh my god I was hoping this was the last book! It is absolute torture waiting so many years between boo...
Kaia rated it 8 years ago
Warning: Spoiler-filled ramble ahead. Also - Trigger warning for rape, victim blaming, slut-shaming, misogyny and just some general WTF.Wow. Fans are insane. Not that I didn't know this already, but even so, I'm still sometimes struck by their ability to turn rational, insightful thoughts into compl...
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