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Bloodlines - Community Reviews back

by Jessica Lee
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Muccamukk rated it 3 years ago
There's nothing really wrong with this book, but nothing about it especially interested me either. The author seemed to be leaning pretty hard on tropes that I don't really care about like homophobia and a 2:1 porn:plot ratio. (Plus the smut was a little bound up in clich├ęd terminology from '90s sla...
Romance Reader (and Writer)
Romance Reader (and Writer) rated it 5 years ago
Short, kinda sweet, m/m paranormal romance with a fair amount of sex and a simple plotline. It was good but didn't blow me away.
jules0623 rated it 6 years ago
It was alright but I didn't get the great reading experience other reviewers have.
Stumbling Over Chaos
Stumbling Over Chaos rated it 8 years ago
Very good (and smokin' hot) paranormal m/m romance about a wolf shapeshifter, supposed to be the next alpha of his pack, who's kicked out of his pack when his father discovers he's gay.
vampkiss rated it 8 years ago
3 Stars. I liked the characters, the sex scenes were smokin' hot, but I didn't like how convenient the ending was. After what happened, I was expecting more.
Msmiz - I read almost anything!
Msmiz - I read almost anything! rated it 8 years ago
Had to read it - the cover was too good. This was a better than average shifter story and I am more inclined to have the rating be 3.5 to 3.7.
MizNikki rated it 8 years ago
Although I liked the characters, they were a bit underdeveloped. I was slowed down by a horrible editing job. There were ???? marks everywhere and words that "rantogether" when a space was needed.
Ami's Hoard
Ami's Hoard rated it 8 years ago
The first reaction that I had when I finished this book was "Damn it, I want to read it all over again from the beginning just to savor it". THAT doesn't happen a lot.The summary is good enough the explain about the book. So, I'm just going to straight to my opinion. Evin (love the name) KinKaid and...
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