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Blue Noon - Community Reviews back

by Scott Westerfeld
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silvertongue rated it 5 years ago
Scott Westerfeld is an author who always has incredibly cool premises. Sometimes, his books don't really deliver on them (e.g. [b:Specials|24765|Specials (Uglies, #3)|Scott Westerfeld|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1390340887s/24765.jpg|3278286]. I mean it's not a bad book, but it was a...
Elisa rated it 6 years ago
The end of Blue Noon was not the ending I was expecting for the Midnighters series. I never know what to expect with Westerfeld, so I never have expectations, but this was not the way I thought things would go! Which is a good thing, although I will admit I was a little sad with how the long midnigh...
Wyvernfriend Reads
Wyvernfriend Reads rated it 6 years ago
An interesting third book that completes a story arc and leaves room for sequels. The blue time is stretching into daytime and the Darklings seem to have a plan, can the midnighters counter it or will the Darklings win. Rex has to deal with the lingering aftereffects of the Darklings merge with him...
A Sea of Stars
A Sea of Stars rated it 7 years ago
My mood:The characters:Um, what? Okay, so mostly I just wanted to smack them. For the most part, they're stupid(Dess is smart but makes stupid decisions) annoying, frustrating, treat each other like crap, whiney. ARRRGGH. I got no enjoyment from reading about them.Johnathan freaked me out. Seriously...
Booknut 101's Bookworm Haven
Booknut 101's Bookworm Haven rated it 7 years ago
Gripping, fast-paced and definitely a worthy finish to one of the best series ever written.
tyene rated it 8 years ago
La morte della luce, quando il calore si trasforma in gelo.Diciamo tra le tre e le quattro stelline, come conclusione della saga non è stata male. Qualche problema c'è in questo libro, è innegabile che le idee erano ormai belle che finite e il povero Westerfeld sembrava avere una gran fretta di term...
Muddled, Mystified & Marvelous Musings
The characters and their interaction with each other was always entertaining, especially Dess and Melissa. I was sad for the series ended with only three books.
Kaethe rated it 9 years ago
In the third book in the series, Westerfeld introduces moral ambiguity, which raises the stakes and the realism. The concept is so cool, of these particular special powers and their role, that it's easy to overlook the other aspects he handles so well: the dynamics of families and school and small...
GizmosReviews rated it 9 years ago
Plot Summary: When time freezes in the middle of the day, during a school pep rally, the Midnighters have a problem. The secret hour is slowly making its way into the real world. The last book in the midnighters trilogy is all about the adventure of trying to keep the secret hour in the secret hour....
cat's corner
cat's corner rated it 9 years ago
Yeah - unfortunately this one, as with book #2 (TOUCHING DARKNESS) of the Midnighters series was a bit heavy on the math & physics, which all read elegantly but usually left me thinking: "Great - WTF did I just read?" Detracted from my enjoyment of the story's progress, characterization, etc.
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