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Bonjour Tristesse - Community Reviews back

by Françoise Sagan
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Stephanie A. Shu
Stephanie A. Shu rated it 4 years ago
I have actually never read this book in English! ;) But I am looking forward to seeing the way heartbreak translates across cultures and universes...
WorldInColour rated it 6 years ago
So what happens when a spoiled teenager is forced to grow up and refuses her new stepmother? Apparently, some pretty evil shit. Cécile is not happy with the rigid lifestyle of her new mater familias Anne and doesn't waste a single opportunity to show her disdain. Even though she admires the consiste...
Bettie's Books
Bettie's Books rated it 6 years ago
ebox film only
Lagraziana's Kalliopeion
Lagraziana's Kalliopeion rated it 6 years ago
In 1954, when Bonjour Tristesse first came out, it caused a scandal. It was daring of Françoise Sagan to write a novella about seventeen-year-old Cécile who lives with her playboy father and doesn’t mind his changing affairs. Hypocritical post-war society was even less prepared for reading the first...
Reading is Therapy
Reading is Therapy rated it 6 years ago
Regarding the author’s age when she wrote it, i can only say that she did an amazing job, her writing style being irreproachable. But the story, the plot, it’s all… uninteresting I’d say. There is a few good sentences that could be turned into famous quotes, but other than that, I can’t see anything...
Lavinia rated it 6 years ago
Brilliant. I wish I had read it when I was a teenager. It would have probably made me start dreaming of being a writer, so maybe it's for the best I read it just now.
nouveau rated it 6 years ago
bonjour, tristesse. adieu, bonheur. Moi aussi, j'ai perdu un parent dans l'enfance, et les normales ne pourra jamais comprendre.mes voitures rapides représentent une aspiration à l'oubli.
Rowena's Reviews
Rowena's Reviews rated it 7 years ago
"Goodbye Sadness." I was drawn to the screen adaptation of this book years ago because of the title and I really enjoyed it. I decided to read this book in French as it's not too long and therefore didn't seem too overwhelming to me. The main character, 17 year old Cecile, was something else! It was...
Calyre rated it 7 years ago
"Aidez-moi, Elsa. Je vous le dis pour vous, pour mon père et pour votre amour à nous deux."J'achevai in petto : "... et pour les petits Chinois."
tricours rated it 7 years ago
I've read many of Sagan's books, and except for 2 of them, I have liked them very much. This was a couple of years ago, it was scorching hot outside and I was lounging in a French garden reading something other than stuff for school for months. So I really liked her books. They are so easy to read. ...
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