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Boo! (Beauty And The Bookworm Book 2) - Community Reviews back

by Nick Pageant
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ⓂⓂ NERD rated it 3 years ago
I liked this one more than the first, it was still funny and Mason and Shane are adorable and so sweet, and I loved the whole haunted house and ghosts story it was a a little bit creepy and scary in a funny way and at the same time sad, beautiful and engaging.This was fun to read.
B3 - Brooklyn's Book Bites
B3 - Brooklyn's Book Bites rated it 4 years ago
Surprisingly fun little short.
Gosh I Wish I was a Good Writer
Gosh I Wish I was a Good Writer rated it 4 years ago
I've been told I have no sense of humor when I read humorous books. Sometimes I think I don't but I thought Beauty And The Bookworm was a hoot and BOO! the stupidly short sequel is pretty darn funny too. Mason and Shane are as entertaining as ever. Three stars for its length.
...Bookfanatic rated it 4 years ago
'Boo' is a short enjoyable addition to 'Beauty and the Bookworm' and would be an excellent read for Halloween time had I been able to wait that long, but honestly I felt I'd waited long enough so I jumped right in after finishing 'Beauty and the Bookworm' and I make no apologies for this. 'Boo' of...
Trisha Harrington's Blog
Trisha Harrington's Blog rated it 4 years ago
Really liked this! It was short, funny and had some sexy moments. It was also kinda sad. I think the author balanced it all well in this.I hope we get more of this couple, because they really are good together.
Meli Mel's Book Reviews
Meli Mel's Book Reviews rated it 4 years ago
♥♥♥ 4 Hilariously Spooky Stars ♥♥♥ ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●It was then I discovered the worst horror of all – my kindle was dead. “Nooooo!!!!!!” I screamed. “This can’t be happening. Oh, shit, Shane, I’ve got nothing to read. We have to get out of here!”Shane lay next to ...
Cristina T.
Cristina T. rated it 4 years ago
LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!Because...✓ Mason and Shane were adorable, sexy and funny!✓ The green jockstrap was back–and I'm a sucker for jockstraps.✓ Gran was as hilarious as ever.✓ Then there was this drunken English lady called Kat, whom I happen to adore and whose cardigan I might plot to steal. ;-)✓...
Debra E's Never-Ending TBR
Debra E's Never-Ending TBR rated it 4 years ago
A fun Halloween ghost story that catches up with Mason, Shane and the rest of the gang from [b:Beauty And The Bookworm|22052456|Beauty And The Bookworm|Nick Pageant|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1399544917s/22052456.jpg|41379571]. All the fun and humor of the first is there along with the truly ner...
Lenaribka rated it 4 years ago
Adorable, amusing, sweet and sexy!I've read some great books recently but they managed to empty all my energy supplies because of a painful and depressing content. It is WHY I WANTED something easy and funny, just for a change. I have to admit, I didn't pick this book immediately but browsed first...
JulieHasMoved rated it 4 years ago
That was so much fun and I pee'd my pants several times!! Status Updates:3%Nothing says I love you like a pre-lubricated butthole.Hmmm...really? ;). Hahaha20%"So you and Freddy here are going to load up in The Mystery Machine and go find out the real reason behind the haunting of a lighthouse?"I no...
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