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Currently reading: No One Lives Twice No One Lives Twice

Julie Moffett

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2018-01-01 to 2018-01-31

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Debbie's Spurts
I finished. I enjoyed it. Is anyone else reading this?
Debbie's Spurts
Just starting.
Kitty's Book Spot!
No One Lives Twice No One Lives Twice - Julie Moffett Reading start: 2018-01-01 Reading finish: 2018-01-31


Reading progress: 31%.
Debbie's Spurts
Hmmm…nothing seems to faze her.Not sure I like that (I mean you are held at gun point several times, your home is broken into several times including when you are home, stuff ...
Reading progress: 8%.
Debbie's Spurts
Enjoying this; probably because so far I like Lexi. Getting a Romancing the Stone vibe. Well, not a jewel or a romance yet; just something about the atmosphere with every...
Reading progress: 2%.
Debbie's Spurts
So far — in a good way — this is not coming across as YA. Possibly because Lexi is turning 25, has college degree, a not- new job, and a roommate-less apartment. Reading fo...
Reading progress: 1%.
Debbie's Spurts
Starting this mystery for a booklikes book club -- YA Book Club. Feel free to join us. Completely unfamiliar with book and author. Kinda sounds like YA meets chick flick me...


Review of "No One Lives Twice No One Lives Twice" (Lexi Carmichael #1) - Julie Moffett
Debbie's Spurts
Well, this stayed unexpectedly action-packed start to finish so was fun (particularly when turning to the James Bond international espionage drawing in MI-6, CIA, FBI, NSA...)...

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