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Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness - Community Reviews back

by Susannah Cahalan
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Mirkat Always Reading
Mirkat Always Reading rated it 3 years ago
Susannah Cahalan was a healthy 24-year-old working as a reporter for the New York Post when she began to have seemingly unrelated and inexplicable symptoms, such as memory problems, sensitivity to light, anxiety, mood swings, food aversions, and insomnia. Tests revealed nothing unusual, and her neu...
Lydia's Page
Lydia's Page rated it 3 years ago
Brain on Fire is an interesting journey through a prolonged illness, the body's collapse, and the struggle to find not only a cure, but even an accurate diagnosis. Though the author is a reporter and makes many references to her talent and humor, I didn't feel that this was particularly well-written...
Kate Says: "Reading Is Fun!"
Kate Says: "Reading Is Fun!" rated it 4 years ago
Susannah Cahalan was only twenty four years old when she woke up alone in a hospital room, unable to move or speak, and had no memory of how she got there. From this point, she relies on hospital reports, her journal, her father's journal, and other people's memories (who were close to her) during t...
My Never Ending List
My Never Ending List rated it 5 years ago
She had worked at the NY Post for many years when she started to experience some unusual symptoms. It began with numbness and paranoid feeling about her boyfriend, these symptoms getting progressively worse as the days progressed. The 24-year old reporter then started to experience seizures and her ...
Don't Be Afraid of the Dork
Don't Be Afraid of the Dork rated it 5 years ago
Original Publication Year: 2012 Genre(s): Non-Fiction, Medical Series: NA Awards: None Format: Audio (from Audible.com) Narrated by: Heather Henderson In 2009, Susanna Cahalan was a 20-something with a successful career as a journalist when her behavior became decidedly odd and erratic. It signal...
A Reading Vocation
A Reading Vocation rated it 5 years ago
This feels a little like one of those books that was written because a story got a lot of press, and the author, who is a halfway decent writer since she works for a newspaper, decides, "Hey, why not write a whole book?" Perhaps she was even approached by an agent or editor with a request for someth...
VeganCleopatra rated it 5 years ago
Overall I found Brain on Fire to be interesting, albeit not terribly engrossing. The medical aspect of the account was by far more interesting to me than the personal account by the author, especially as her personality was oftentimes a turnoff. I also found the book bordered on too long, which may ...
Bücher, Bücher, 100000 Bücher
Bücher, Bücher, 100000 Bücher rated it 5 years ago
Not Quite Home
Not Quite Home rated it 5 years ago
This book was a gift from a friend. She's watched me struggle with my own issues for the last year and a half, and she thought I might be able to find inspiration in Cahalan's tale of survival. She was right. Susannah Cahalan was just living her normal life, making a splash as a promising young w...
Crystal Starr Light, Raging Snarky Stormtrooper Pony
Bullet Review: Don't faint, people, but I actually really, really enjoyed this book! A fascinating look into a strange, House-like medical mystery. I honestly couldn't stop listening to this book once I started! The author writes her story so adeptly, so skillfully! I love how she makes it almost ...
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