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Breathe - Community Reviews back

by Sloan Parker
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Bark at the Ghouls
Bark at the Ghouls rated it 4 years ago
GR Cleanup Read March 2011 OMG the angst. I'm an angst loving girl but there is a limit and this book reached it. Basically there's a lot of this: "I love you, I need you but I will ruin your life and I don't deserve a man as kind as you. I must push you away and then a moment later, pull you ba...
Anke1028 rated it 6 years ago
It was a very nice and engaging read - up until the final 20% or so. Then all this back and forth and all this 'I'll go to the police/parents/whoever but first I have to talk to xyz' got majorly on my nerves. The happy ending didn't much to remedy that.
Mistral rated it 6 years ago
4.5 stars
MLE's Porn and Ponies
MLE's Porn and Ponies rated it 6 years ago
Not a perfect book, but despite the overdose of drama in spots, the age gap (which I honestly didn't really notice), and the speed with which the relationship developed I liked this story. I think because despite the angst it was ultimately a story about forgiveness, acceptance, and moving on and le...
Candice rated it 6 years ago
This story was all about guilt and forgiveness and having a chance at being happy again. This was such a strange pairing but it worked so much and I couldn't help but just fall in love with both Lincoln and Jay. Lincoln was so torn up for what he had done and Jay who just needed someone to listen ...
sanctuary rated it 6 years ago
This is a story that's really worth the rating. It was written very tense, with almost every scene having some sort of possible BAD outcome if things didn't go right. And in some of them, all the bad happened. And the characters had me involved from page 1. I liked it, and I'd recommend it.
Moss, of the division Bryophyta.
Moss, of the division Bryophyta. rated it 6 years ago
On the one hand, the pacing is pretty even and the plot's linear enough that the story (such as it is) holds together. There's implied caveats in that last sentence because it really is mostly the momentum of the thing that saves it, more than anything particularly compelling about the storyline it...
No Glitter Blown
No Glitter Blown rated it 7 years ago
Jay is a man who's world has been crushed and everyone around him keeps compressing it--suffocating him.Lincoln is a man who's paid the price for bad judgment. They're both hoping to find a way to move on with their lives and reach out to the other little realizing the existing relationship they alr...
Gosh I Wish I was a Good Writer
Gosh I Wish I was a Good Writer rated it 7 years ago
I loved these two MCs. There was angst galore but it worked for me.
She Reads Too Much
She Reads Too Much rated it 7 years ago
Thank you Sloan Parker for keeping up until 2 am this morning. This book was incredible, heart wrenching, full of hope and forgiveness and sheer awesomesauce!
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