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Breviario di resistenza alimentare: 64 regole per mangiare bene (BUR SAGGI) (Italian Edition) - Community Reviews back

by Michael Pollan, E. Contini
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My Never Ending List
My Never Ending List rated it 2 years ago
This was a short novel but I enjoyed all the little bits of information that was inside. The book’s sole purpose is to give you some guidelines for eating. he links between diet and health according to this novel is that individuals who eat a Western diet (lots of processed food, food with added s...
Nicole Reads
Nicole Reads rated it 6 years ago
A book that collects various adages, sayings, proverbs and the like from all over the world about how to eat. Eating shouldn't be about supplying our bodies with fuel. It should be a communion with nature. Not one with factories and food scientists. Ideally, I wish to implement all these rules. Ok, ...
Always Doing
Always Doing rated it 7 years ago
Pollan's philosophy boils down to seven words: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. The 64 rules presented in this book provide guidelines to follow that credo in a common sense way.I love that Pollan gives us wiggle room - there's no need to follow every rule, but several will surely stay wit...
Admitted Dilettante
Admitted Dilettante rated it 7 years ago
be sure you read the edition illustrated by Kalman, makes it more real, less "worthy"
Ania's books
Ania's books rated it 7 years ago
The book is not exactly bad and it would have been quite ok had it not been for the fact I've already read quite a lot on the subject. There was nothing new for me in there, and all the "precious pieces of advice" were actually nothing more than common sense would dictate to anyone.
Jazabell rated it 7 years ago
A really quick read, less than an hour, that focuses on 64 easy rules for changing what and how we eat. The rules fall into three categories: 1) eat food, which means less processed foods and more whole foods, 2) eat mostly plants, these focus on eating the leaves and a variety of different plants a...
viim rated it 7 years ago
Told me what I already knew (eat less, don't eat junk), but as a collection it's simple and approachable enough that you can pick this book up now and then to remind you of good eating habits.
deborahmarkus7 rated it 8 years ago
Just finished. I want to get my own copy because ideally, I'd read a little every morning with breakfast. That would get me into an eat-wisely frame of mind for the day. My absolute FAVORITE rule is "Be the Kind of Person Who Takes Supplements -- Then Skip the Supplements." Runner-up is "It's Not Fo...
Sandra rated it 8 years ago
This is a good and very fast read that breaks down and simplifies some basic eating/food/health tips. A lot of it may seem common sense to some of us, but there is a difference between knowing and doing and this is a nice way to remind us why certain things (whole foods for example) are important. ...
localcharacter rated it 8 years ago
I read (actually, listened to) In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto a couple years ago; I remember listening to it in airports on my way back from the 2010 ALTA conference in Philadelphia, which dates it to November 2010. It was good, though a bit officious and prescriptive in tone (though, in t...
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