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Callum & Harper - Community Reviews back

by Fisher Amelie
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brebeaumont rated it 6 years ago
instant love is my least favorite thing in history, and this book had creepy, obsessive instant love from literally the first sentence of the first page. no, thank you. this could've gotten really good later on but I can't get past awkward pov swaps, unnatural/immediate obsession, or the lack of per...
Abandoned by user
Abandoned by user rated it 7 years ago
This review was originally published on amazon on August 11, 2012. It was one of my most popular reviews, with 43 out of 45 customers finding it helpful. The issues that made this book a one star read:One-dimensional wish-fulfillment heroine. Harper was unflawed, perfect, so gorgeous that all of t...
Aimee rated it 8 years ago
Really loved this. There was a bit at the end that felt unrealistic to me and that kept it from being a five star book. Don't read this line if you haven't read the book: When Harper is recovering from some major issues (broken back, internal injuries) she recovers a bit too well and fast. In a matt...
vysed rated it 8 years ago
Not counting toward my goal since I flounced so soon in to the story. Sorry but when two homeless kids mention their signed copy of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird and vintage Indian motorcycle... I want to throw my iPad! I mean hey, no big deal, we're just sitting on a shitload of cash. Don't mi...
PamGodwin rated it 8 years ago
I have a love/hate relationship with this story. FA's novel, Vain, sits happily on my favorite shelf and I picked up this book expecting the same quality. These are the reasons I wanted to rate this one star and stop reading a dozen times: This is a first draft manuscript. Has to be. The editing pro...
Literary Beauty
Literary Beauty rated it 8 years ago
I cannot, will not sit through another 100 pages of this shit. Who doesn't fuckintg talk about their feelings for two plus years! They are even MARRIED for god's sake! They live together! Yet, they are playing "cat and mouse" ? That isn't cute or sweet and I'm sick of being in both of their heads w...
hippiedaizy rated it 8 years ago
I am stuck between 3 and 4 stars, but ultimately I think I am going to go with 4. I loved Callum Tate. Seriously. So optimistic despite everything. I loved his attitude. I loved his relationships with his friends. I loved his loyalty. Harper, I actually kind of wished you kept some of your sm...
Hello rated it 8 years ago
a lot of drama but it was really sweet.
Perusing Princesses
Perusing Princesses rated it 8 years ago
Awwwww this book was something out of left field for me! Not at all what I expected and soooooo original! It had me ohhhing and awwwweing and just plain LUVING this book! It get really intense with such a surprising storyline as well! Never expected such a twist! Definitely a must read! Now on...
Lost in pages.
Lost in pages. rated it 8 years ago
More of a 1.5/5, actually.
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