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by Ken Scholes
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A Total Inability To Connect
A Total Inability To Connect rated it 6 years ago
Writing: 4.5Story/Plot: 5Depth/Detail: 5Enjoyment: 4.5Why more people have not been reading and talking about this series is absolutely beyond me. I read Ken Scholes' [b:Lamentation|3531469|Lamentation (Psalms of Isaak, #1)|Ken Scholes|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1312029311s/3531469.j...
Saturdays in Books
Saturdays in Books rated it 8 years ago
Definitely stronger than the first one, even if the world does still seem a little too shiny. I mean, there's more than one passage pointing out that even the people covered in mud are quite clean, and the only time someone takes the time to clean blood off of a blade, it's invisible blood.He may be...
Uncertain, Fugitive, Half-fabulous
Uncertain, Fugitive, Half-fabulous rated it 10 years ago
Got the first one in a giveaway, and now the second one from MacMillan's free book day! Now I just have to read them.
myworldinwordsandpages rated it 10 years ago
I have really been taken away by this series so far. There are going to be five books in all. The characters are well developed and you really get a feel for them all, even the ones you think may be the "bad" guy or girl. The world that is created in these first two books is amazing. You have differ...
narfna rated it 10 years ago
For about the first half of this book I was confused, angry, and disappointed. A large part of this might have to do with the fact that I hadn't read the first book in the series in over a year, and had forgotten a lot of things, but a lot of it was also the fact that there is absolutely no expositi...
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