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mage4mage rated it 5 years ago
I found this book on a list for books that have transgender characters, and I was really looking forward to it. BUT THEN:"The format is she said/she said style-- or she said/he-she said, since Megan is transgender."What the fuck is that shit? You introduce a trans character by misgendering them in o...
AmySea rated it 5 years ago
Revived wasn't bad. I enjoyed the sci-fi aspects of it a great deal, and I enjoyed the lessons about life and death and about how to cope with loss. It wasn't heavy-handed, and it felt like it would be accessible to teenagers who are about Daisy's age (16). I lost a close friend when I was Daisy'...
Christy Herself
Christy Herself rated it 5 years ago
Holy moly. My mind is blown. Will post full review after I take some time to recoup and formulate my thoughts on this WONDERFUL read.I have to say, right off the bat, that YA novels are not usually my thing. They have to be of very high caliber for me to enjoy them and give them a good rating. T...
Poisoning with words
Poisoning with words rated it 5 years ago
Y así, querido público, es como se desperdicia una buena idea para un libro.
 Leah's Bookish Obsession
Leah's Bookish Obsession rated it 5 years ago
--Cat Patrick, Forgotten Synopsis: Each night at precisely 4:33 am, while sixteen-year-old London Lane is asleep, her memory of that day is erased. In the morning, all she can "remember" are events from her future. London is used to relying on reminder notes and a trusted friend to get through ...
Warm Tea Reads
Warm Tea Reads rated it 5 years ago
Short Review; I love love LOVED this book, its different, unique and has some romance, schooling, and a big mystery. I wish it wasn't a stand alone novel. Long Review; The Originals is about 3 girls Lizzie, Ella & Betsey they grew up believing that they were ordinary triplets when something happen...
A Sea of Stars
A Sea of Stars rated it 6 years ago
I guess the issue here was that I hated the "Stay" half of the book and couldn't care less about the "Go" half. So for the "Stay" half, while I appreciated that fact that Caroline resented some of her worst choices, [spoiler] *cough cough* Hooking up with the asshole Joel. I did like that that parti...
Books With Bite
Books With Bite rated it 6 years ago
I haven’t pick up a book that carries a somewhat supernatural plot line. When I read this synopsis, I was immediately intrigued. Plot: This is a story that showcases two different paths. Though the main character is unaware of it, the reader is. It kind of reminds me of the choose your own advent...
Exploring by Starlight
Exploring by Starlight rated it 6 years ago
I've been a fan of Cat Patrick since I read her first novel, Forgotten a couple of years ago. Because she had yet to disappoint me, I was really looking forward to reading The Originals, due to a mixture of my bias towards her and also the fact that I thought the premise of human clones in the regul...
Too Many Fandoms, So Little Time...
SPOILER FREE! That cover is absolutely terrifying. Its really pretty (and interesting, seriously, I cant stop staring at it), but still... so scary.Thank you for the nightmares cover.Also, I know the three girls on the cover are supposed to be the "triplets" Lizzie, Betsey and Ella, but (to me any...
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