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Feminism in Cold Storage
Feminism in Cold Storage rated it 4 years ago
So I may have mentioned before that I love a good anthology, particularly of the contributions of women in history. The point is not that men haven't done great things that we deserve learning about but that they aren't the only ones who have. Despite hardship and opposition, women have invented lot...
Wanda's Book Reviews
Wanda's Book Reviews rated it 6 years ago
No human being has ever seen a triceratops or velociraptor or even the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex. They left behind only their impressive bones. So how can scientists know what color dinosaurs were? Or if their flesh was scaly or feathered? Could that fierce T.rex have been born with spots? In a first...
Peace, Love & Books
Peace, Love & Books rated it 7 years ago
A fascinating look at the remarkable work of paleoartists. Wonderfully illustrated with color reproductions by some of these artists. Sure to be a big hit with dinosaur fans.
mrsbond rated it 8 years ago
A favorite with the kids.
Readings and Ramblings
Readings and Ramblings rated it 8 years ago
I am not the target audience for this book. It is a book on the subject of paleoanthropology for children in elementary school and I earned my degree in biology years ago. I read it, though, because I am interested in the subject matter and expected just a quick and enjoyable read. Since I am intere...
Peace, Love & Books
Peace, Love & Books rated it 9 years ago
Candid, heartwarming snapshots of a Peacable Kingdom. A book every animal lover will want. Libraries will want to have multiple copies.
A Rep Reading
A Rep Reading rated it 9 years ago
What a sweet book. The amazing photos of these unlikely animal friends make the whole experience magical. Interesting rhyming text supplemented by the actual background story for the animals pictured, show that animals enjoy companionship, and find it in usual ways.
Peace, Love & Books
Peace, Love & Books rated it 11 years ago
The origins of homo sapiens. Stunning!!!
debnance rated it 12 years ago
President John F. Kennedy set the goal: put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. America met the goal. But it was with the efforts of hundreds of thousands of people that this goal was met. Team Moon looks behind the act of a man walking on the moon to the work of all the people who got hi...
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