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Catullus: The Complete Poems - editions back

by Catullus, Guy Lee
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The Complete Poems - Catullus, Guy Lee
The Complete Poems
publisher: Oxford University Press publish date: October 22nd 1998
format: paperback pages: 195
language: English
ISBN: 0192835874 (9780192835871)
Catullus: A Critical Edition - Douglas F. S. Thomson
Catullus: A Critical Edition
publisher: University of North Carolina Press
format: hardcover pages: 205
language: English
ISBN: 0807813230 (9780807813232)
Catulli Carmina - Catullus
Catulli Carmina
publisher: Quality Classics publish date: November 30th 2010
format: ebook
language: English
ISBN: 0012556726 (2940012556721)
Catullus: The Complete Poems For Modern Readers - Catullus
Catullus: The Complete Poems For Modern Readers
language: English
ISBN: 0048740055 (9780048740052)
Catullus In English - Catullus
Catullus In English
language: English
ISBN: 0140424156 (9780140424157)
The Poems Of Catullus - Catullus
The Poems Of Catullus
publisher: Scripsi publish date: 2007
pages: 217
language: English
ISBN: 095528841X (9780955288418)
Poems - Catullus, J. Michie
language: English
ISBN: 0586033882 (9780586033883)
Catullus: The Poems - Catullus
Catullus: The Poems
language: English
ISBN: 0333017870 (9780333017876)
The Poems - Catullus, Peter Whigham
The Poems
publisher: Penguin publish date: July 6th 2006
format: ebook pages: 256
language: English
ISBN: 1101492333 (9781101492338)
Poems - Catullus
publisher: Bristol Classical Press publish date: September 7th 2009
format: paperback pages: 334
language: English
ISBN: 1853994979 (9781853994975)
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