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Cherish - Community Reviews back

by Tere Michaels
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Xing rated it 6 years ago
I'm so sad this series is over! So Cherish is all about the family drama. And oh was it reality-TV worthy (in the "I can't stop watching" sort of way and not the "shoot me now" type). Of course, the source of drama is Miranda and, of course, Evan is the one who bears the brunt of her fury. And then ...
isabel rated it 6 years ago
I love this series! The chemistry between Matt and Evan is wonderful and their love beautiful! They face their problems together and together they solve them... Matt gives Evan the strenght that he needs and is always so supportive... is amazing to read!
BookWatcher rated it 6 years ago
Short (and overpriced, IMO) story that made me smile:-)All the craziness that could happen in a thanksgiving happened in that house... and I love it all!It's a great series, I enjoy ALL books, and must admit the third book, [b:Duty & Devotion|7889078|Duty & Devotion (Faith, Love, & Devotion, #3)|T...
Nichole - Dirty H if you're nasty
Nichole - Dirty H if you're nasty rated it 6 years ago
So this book wasn't really about anything, and it was a lot shorter than I was hoping for/expecting. But it's still just as fun to spend time with Evan and Matt as ever, and that's all I really wanted, so a rather generous 4 stars here.
Breann rated it 7 years ago
Drama. Tears. Love. Hot tempers. Even hotter sex. More love.Everything I adore about Matt & Evan.
Nic Starr
Nic Starr rated it 7 years ago
This final installment is largely focused on the family, a couple of years down the track in Matt and Evan's relationship - family issues, work/life balance, a bit of drama and a nice HEA ending.
Christina rated it 7 years ago
3.5 StarsIt was so nice to catch up with Matt and Evan again. Cherish takes place several years after F&F. Matt and Evan are happy and settled in their new lives. We get a little glimpse of their day-to-day life and the trials of raising a family.The focus is mainly on Miranda's unresolved issues...
Anke1028 rated it 7 years ago
So Good!
Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) rated it 7 years ago
Posted on Under the CoversTere Michaels indulges readers by going back to back Evan and Matt. This time, it’s a short story, but CHERISH is satisfying enough to sate the hunger that a lot of loyal fans are yearning for. When Evan learns that Miranda, one of Evan’s teenage daughters is seeing a new g...
sagajo's blog
sagajo's blog rated it 7 years ago
Saved by Matt.
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