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WRGingell 3 years ago
I did wonder what this book was all about (whenever I see the title all I can hear in my head is Feste from Twelfth Night singing "I am gone sir, and anon sir..." which is totally different). It sounds interesting and rather terrifying- the more so because I know a person EXACTLY like you describe Amy. She does the same kinds of things, and destroys people along the path as she moves from place to place and group of friends to group of friends. It's kind of mesmerising (and horrible) to watch.
Isa Lavinia 3 years ago
""I am gone sir, and anon sir..."" LOL
I don't think I've ever met someone like Amy (or I have and wasn't clever enough to see through it) but people like that sound terrifying.
The person you mention sounds interesting but scary!
WRGingell 3 years ago
I only recognised it because I've known them almost all my life, and it took me 24 years to realise it even then. It helps when they burn through one set of friends after another. You start recognising patterns. They don't care who they hurt, it's just all about them, and how they can use a situation (or spin a situation) to their own advantage. And you're right, it IS terrifying.