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The best way I've found to find new blogs to follow is to go to the tag page and read through some of the reviews. It can take up a lot of time, so I usually just look at 3-5 reviews and hope those will have some active bloggers.

To clarify, when I say tag page, I mean the page that's in this format:
You can remove the young-adult tag and basically just input whatever, an authors name or the title of a book you really love.

Once I start following someone I will try to interact with them by commenting on their posts... I think this is an important way to let whomever you're following know that you aren't just a bot or fly-by that has started following them. :)
Ah, I shall definitely try that out!
Commenting IS very important, and I still have to get into the hang of being on BookLikes more often. That way, hopefully, I will see more posts to comment on. :)
YA Fanatic 5 years ago
I have no idea if you follow me already (haven't checked my followers in a while) But I'm pretty much all YA! I know some of the people I follow are as well! If there's a way to go through people's followers :)
I am - your blog is lovely! :D
Thank you for the tip, I have found some new blogs to follow!