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My favorite classic of all time? It could be only one: The Count of Monte Cristo! It was epic before epic was cool.
It's a Books World 8 years ago
Oh that was is on the Rory Gilmore list as well! Many people said you should read it when you drink some alcohol? (lol indeed haha)
Ah, yes. That's a fun list to follow. Don't know what those folks were implying when they said read it with alcohol though. The Count is grand enough it doesn't need any help!
It's a Books World 8 years ago
Haha yes it is! Oh so it's not hard to follow (for people who English isn't their native language? :p
Noelia Alonso (guest) 8 years ago
I came across this thanks to booktube and I have to agree with Emma. I found her so wicked and naïve at the same time and I had a blast reading that book. I tried reading P&P when I was 14 (is Spanish because I wasn't ready to venture into English yet) but I had to put it down. I couldn't pass from page 50 and I tried twice. I know the translation wasn't the greatest and I will have to read it next year for Uni but Emma holds a very special place in my heart ^^
And I recently read The Brothers Grimm fairytales and I was quite shocked with some of them. I really loved Rapunzel but my absolute favourite was Snow White. It's nothing like the Disney version and that was quite a nice surprise :)
My all time favourite classic as of right now is Jane Eyre.
It's a Books World 8 years ago
Ah thankyou for replying! :D I want to read Grimm so badly haha :D
Noirfifre (guest) 7 years ago
Hey Vienna, I am so excited I came across your tag. Finally a book tag, I can wholly relate to, I will answer the questions soon and link it back to your blog. :)
It's a Books World 7 years ago
Awesome! I'm excited to read your answers hah :D and you're welcome! :p
Hi :) my favourite classic of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I loved this tag so I did a blog post for it, if you'd like to read it it's here -
Thanks for creating such a great tag! It's great to remind people there's more to books than just what's being published nowadays!
Aisha (guest) 7 years ago
HI! I came across this book tag and thought it was great! I have just begun to read classics & I am definitely going to be participating in this book tag. If it's ok with you, I would like to link my answers back to your blog.
It's a Books World 7 years ago
Hey, thank you! And of course you can haha :D