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It's on my list of Classics to read. I give Classics more leeway because writing was different when most of them were written. More flowery, different ways of speaking, etc.
It's a Books World 2 years ago
Yea it's the first novel so I knew the writing it's different, but the descriptions are just super boring. Like hi diary, today I'm going to give water to the plants. Three days later, I go do this etc. so just meh. Usually I give classics indeed more a change and I finish them most of the time, but this is an exception. I hope you end up liking it more! :)
SilverThistle 2 years ago
I might have considered giving this a go, but I dnf'd The Martian...
It's a Books World 2 years ago
Maybe you can read a bit online or as a pdf and if you like it (I suggest read first 60/70 pages or so) then buy it? That's a great plus with classics haha :)
Most of them can be got free from Gutenberg, if not Amazon itself.