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Ani's Book Abyss 1 year ago
I've picked up 'rereading' books in audio format lately. In fact, that was how I started in on audio books in the first place, was by listening to books I've already read as audio books--this way, I have something to listen to passively as I do chores around the house, or if I just want to sit and play some mind-numbing computer game. I don't really have to focus on the book too hard because I already know the story line--surprisingly, I also end up picking up a few new things I might have missed during the first read.

As a rule, I don't usually reread books unless I know I absolutely loved it the first time around, and will love it the second or third. My unread TBR is so vast that I would rather pick up something new. I've reread a couple books before that I thought I loved, but ended up really disliking upon the second read. To be fair, some of the books I've reread in the past were read at very, VERY different times in my life: pre-teen/teenage vs adult, at least 10+ years later.

But with audio books, I've been 'rereading' a lot of books, though I mainly stick with ones I enjoyed and wouldn't mind revisiting.

lol 'A Walk to Remember' is one of those books I read when I was a teen and loved that I'm afraid to reread, mainly because, based on the YA tropes and cliches I seem to have grown a dislike for, I don't want to ruin my memory of how much I loved this book, if it turns out 'A Walk' was riddled with them.

Great article!