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Debbie's Spurts 6 months ago
My ebook TBR is huge (physical TBR not so much as I donate or pass on what I won't re-read). Physical TBR is now mostly books I collect/re-read and have no intention of reducing.

Once upon a time, my ebook downloading got out of hand. I've still a few favorite authors or series I preorder the ebooks. Plus a decent selection I can borrow from next county's library with annual fee.

I was finally getting a handle on that TBR and even all the free downloads that sounded so great when self-publishing first began flourishing. I did that by wishlisting new ones (or downloading samples of ones that were really tempting) I might want rather than immediately downloading. While restricting myself (outside of the fave authors/series) to not getting a new book until I read at least one TBR book (or read enough of at least three of ebooks/samples to know they were awful and could be deleted).

Actually worked for a while.

Then my local library added huge selection of ebooks (free) and a friend gifted me with a year of Kindle Unlimited...