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bookaneer 5 years ago
Nice review! I agree about the plotholes. FYI, you can choose a different cover because Booklikes treats each edition differently.
The Farceur Trilogy 5 years ago
Thank you! And oh, I didn't realize that about the editions. When I searched for "Warbreaker" in the search field up top, only this edition came up in the top three choices, followed by Sanderson's "Firstborn" and something else. You'd think the other editions actually title "Warbreaker" would have shown up in the top three choices :P. I'm still trying to figure out my way around here, but thanks for the tip!
RedT Reads Randomly 5 years ago
Totally agree with your review. EXCEPT for your statement where you compare your reviews to the quote by Lightsong. Your reviews are great, and I'm pretty sure they always have a point.
The Farceur Trilogy 5 years ago
Awww thank you, RedTHaws! I always feel like they're a bit over rambly, so I appreciate you saying that :)
I found this to be my least favorite of Sanderson's books so far. Even though I rated and ranted about "Way of Kings", the overall'ness of it was better than Warbreaker. It is very easy to see how it is Sanderson's first book and I'm glad he didn't release it first, or he might never have become the Supah Stah he is today :-D
The Farceur Trilogy 5 years ago
Yeah, it's been my least favorite of Sanderson's books so far as well! I haven't gotten to Way of Kings yet (that one is next on my Sanderson list, so I'll be starting it soon), but I've read all the Mistborns (including The Alloy of Law), Elantris, and Emperor's Soul.

I didn't even realize that this was his first book and that he didn't release it first! That makes a lot of sense, though. I think that Sanderson always does a lot of "iceburg" world-building, where he knows a lot of beneath-the-surface world-building that the reader never finds out (or possibly finds out a little through his annotations), but in Warbreaker it was definitely way overdone. So yeah, overall it just seemed less polished than most of his other works.

And I totally agree that he's a "Supah Stah" :). I became obsessed after Mistborn and now am just trying to plow my way through his works, because they're always great reads, even when they're not my favorites (like Warbreaker).
OMG there is a sequel?

Nice review too. I need to re-read this..its been some time.

I have the same problem with reviews. You like it but..does it really deserve another full star? And then you spend an hour thinking about it. lol
The Farceur Trilogy 5 years ago

There's no sequel yet, but there's one planned! But it probably won't come out for like another 3-5 years because Sanderson has a whole list of things he stated he wanted to get to first (another Stormlight Archive book, another Rithmatist book, and a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember). The good news, though, is at least Sanderson is fast! (Cough I'm looking at you, GRRM, cough.)

And yes, I don't know why it's so important to get that EXACT star rating down, but it is, haha :D
Well I once waited 6 years for another sequel book. And the author kept hinting "it might be out next year" I can do this lol (I think)

I havent even started on Sandersons backlist..could give me something to do. Any recs?

It is very important to get the EXACT rating down. I have one or two books in the near future wich will give me trouble when I start to write their reviews because they arent exactly highbrow reads but they have their own kind of charm. Want to rate them 4,but guess they are 3,5 stars

Oh the agony of it...
The Farceur Trilogy 5 years ago
Yeah, I'm totally an "instant" gratification person, so I haaaaate waiting long years for sequels. I also have the attention span of a gnat, so I might forget I even wanted the sequel if I have to wait 6 years. Which book was that, if I might ask?

Also, I totally get what you mean about "those" kind of books. I tend to give them the rating I felt rather than the rating the brow deserves, so I tend to give some really questionable books 5 stars sometimes if I really liked them (Like, say, Lord of the Fading Lands).

With regard to Sanderson, the books in the Mistborn trilogy (The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension, and The Hero of Ages) are definitely my favorites. Not to be cliche or anything since they're his most popular, but hey :).

If you've already read those then his other Mistborn story in that realm (not part of the trilogy) The Alloy of Law is pretty fab. Otherwise, I also really enjoyed Elantris. For a shorter read, I'd recommend The Emperor's Soul.

Sorry, I just listed like half of his books, haha. I guess whichever of those seem the most appealing to you, but again, for me, Mistborn is #1 :D.
It was Absolute Midnight (Abarat book 3) by Clive Barker. Just about the only work of his that I can say I like.

When it arrived in the mail I was as excited as if I had recieved the holy grail.My sister is also a fan of the series and was waiting impatiently for me to finish. Really all of the books in the series are tomes. I think what keeps them is that he has so many other projects going on and then he has to finish the paintings that goes in the book.

The third book ended in a massive cliffhanger. Literally. :0

Sometimes I wonder what kind of impression people get from the books I like. And I start to question my tastes.But youre right...only opinion that matters is your own.

I couldnt get into Lord of the fading lands, But it has been some time since I read it. Hey maybe my taste changed.

Pretty much the only book of his I read is Warbreaker. But I kind of suspect if I ever got around to read other of his works I would like them.

I will start with Mistborn then or maybe The emperors soul.
The Farceur Trilogy 5 years ago
I just added Abarat to my TBR. It's been a loooong time since I read Barker that I can't remember if I like him or not, but this series looks whimsical/awesome. Also, love the artwork aspect.

Lord of the Fading Lands - LOL, I can't say that you'll like it now, it's definitely one of those "guilty pleasure" books of mine that I can't objectively say is *good*. But yeah, I'm reviewing for me and not other people, so I'm not too worried if people think I have ridiculous taste based on my book likes :).

The Emperor's Soul is a good Sanderson to start with because it's one of his shorter works. Mistborn, on the other hand, is a commitment, as it is three 600 page books. (Of course, you don't have to finish or read them all if you don't like them, but assuming you do, it's an investment.) Warbreaker is my least favorite Sanderson that I've read so far, if it means anything :)
Yay! I hope you will like it and it wont be one of those akward moments lol.

Well there are books that I really hate and just know I will never read again but then there is the ones that were just ok.Sometimes it pays to go back and read again when some time has passed.

It does mean something, You didnt hate it or anything and I liked too. A good sign I would say.

Well I am not afraid of reading. Bring it on Mistborn trilogy.

The Farceur Trilogy 5 years ago
Hah, well we will both have that "awkward moment" then because I've rec'd some Sanderson to you ;). But I don't hold it against people if I read something they liked and and I didn't like it, because no one is holding a gun to my head telling me to read something.

(Well okay, if someone WAS holding a gun to my head to read something and I didn't like it, I'd probably hold it against them, among with some other things.)

I generally just find it's easier to find good reads based on what other people enjoyed rather than navigating the vast sea of books available out there :P
Probably lol. Its a booklikes standoff .

If someone was holding a gun to your head you would have a hard time concentrating on reading and wondering what kind of demented psychopath the person was :P

I quite like navigating the book sea. Its true you find a lot of boots* and beer bottles* but every once you find a sunken treasure.

I think reviewing is a bit like that-showing off your finds.

*bad books
**truly horrible books
The Farceur Trilogy 5 years ago
HAH! That's a great way to think about it :D