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I'm Wolverine. *snikt*

Look, we're besties now!

The Farceur Trilogy 5 years ago
:D This means you'll forgive me for not having finished The Martian yet. (Still cannot get through the parts where it's all science/tech talk all the time -_-)
The Farceur Trilogy 5 years ago
Hah, of course! I'm the one who made you read it in the first place :)

I teetered between finding the space/tech talk sexy or boring, depending on my mood at the time. But I do tend to get pretty turned on when people talk all smart and sciency.

I need to find me a scientist to play with :P
Hah! My eyes glaze over if I get uninterested. It was too much science! Now robotics? That is sexy-talk for me. Must fine me a roboticist!
The Farceur Trilogy 5 years ago
Hahaha, yes! We need to work out where to find these :)
Jamie's Book Blog 5 years ago
Ooh, I love Nightcrawler. I need to do this one too :D
Jamie's Book Blog 5 years ago
I got Beast and it's pretty dead on: You got: Beast
John Cassaday/Marvel Comics
You’re smart and kind, but you’re not very comfortable in your skin. You can do a lot of amazing things, but you’re mainly driven by an impulse to overcompensate for your low self-esteem. You have a strong moral compass, but sometimes get a bit self-righteous