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I am definitely in the Resentful Camp. It isn't that I don't trust Sanderson, but I am not willing to trust him before the series is done.
Once book 5 or 6 is out, I'll read up to those and then wait until it finishes to read the whole thing again. But after the Wheel of Time, I am NOT reading a 6+ book series book by book. I don't trust authors any more.
The Farceur Trilogy 5 years ago
Yeah, that definitely makes sense.

Based on the ratings given to this book, I definitely expected *more.* I expected to be completely blown away, to be honest, which I wasn't. I mean, what did the reader really even find out in tWoK? Not much. It really is, like, all exposition.

But at the end of the day, I did still really like it, and I can't wait to see what happens next. I do hope that Words of Radiance has more action, and answers (I haven't read any reviews yet).

I haven't yet been jaded by a Wheel of Time experience, but I've been a bit jaded by A Song of Ice and Fire. It might be my fangirlism that lets me give Sanderson a lot more leeway.
I started wheel of time in 95 or 96 and went book by book right up until the end, through Jordan's death and through Sanderson being chosen to finish it.
If Martin dies before finishing AsoIF you'll know how I felt :-)