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Url Phantomhive 4 years ago
Sorry to hear you disliked it so much! It was my least favourite read of the series, but I still quite enjoyed it. I was overly long and lacking the best characters, but they do return in ADWD. And it's not as compelling as ASOS still things happen (mostly at the end so we have to wait another six (?) years till we know exactly what it all means). I don't really remember anything important that happens in AFFC, now I think about it. And I only read the books last year...
The Farceur Trilogy 4 years ago
Yeah, I just could not get into this one at all. I liked ADWD a lot more, but still had some issues with that one as well. Will post my review soon. And yes, having to wait 6+ years between books makes it even more brutal! I hope that book six at least comes out soon, part of the reason that I stalled these two books for so long is that I really hate waiting :)
With so many characters it's hard to keep track of everyone in every book. I wanted to know about Tyrion too, but also about others. It all fits together as you continue.
The Farceur Trilogy 4 years ago
I think my issue was mainly how he decided to split up Book 4 and Book 5. In my opinion, he should have kept it as one book and cut a bunch of the boring and unimportant stuff. That would have made for one really good book as opposed to two relatively mediocre ones.
charlton 4 years ago
I'm sorry to hear you didn't like the book so much.
But it wasn't one of my favorites then again, there are a lot of characters
and it is a big world and the readers just have to be kept up to speed.
Even if some of the characters weren't readers favorites,they might be to some.
The Farceur Trilogy 4 years ago
Definitely. I guess my issue was that I felt Martin made his big world unnecessarily bigger. Either that or the world is getting too big for him to tell a story as effectively as he did in the earlier installments. Just my opinion though :)
charlton 4 years ago
Well,if anything,we all have different opinions.
And you are well spoken in all your reviews.
The Farceur Trilogy 4 years ago
Thank you!
Are you gone again?