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5 years ago
This review made me laugh. Great review. :)
ELK's Library 5 years ago
In short, Waiting for Godot. ("Nothing happens. Twice.") :D

I actually liked it, but I do remember there were stretches I found to be dragging interminably, too.
ELK's Library 5 years ago
I just can't seem to get in to Hawthorne. I read The Scarlet Letter in highschool and hated it. To be fair that might have been due to the three class periods we spent discussing the meaning of the prologue.
Yes, that would have turned me off, too. I guess it's fortunate nobody tried to force Hawthorne on me in school -- there are plenty of books that I still won't go near ever again, all these years later, because they were ruined irretrievably for me in school by some uninspired teacher.
ELK's Library 5 years ago
They really need to find a better way to teach classics. I still shudder when I hear Robinson Crusoe.
Really -- that one too?! Fie. With me it's more 20th century German lit ... I won't, unless compelled by main force, ever go anywhere near anything by Peter Handke or Alfred Andersch again -- and they even managed to screw up Hesse and Frisch for me so thoroughly that it took me years to give both of these a fresh try.
ELK's Library 5 years ago
English classes almost destroyed my love of reading. I had a string of teachers who insisted every single word in a book had some deeper meaning. And there was never any room for interpretation that didn't line up with the teachers. Nothing like getting a failing grade on a paper because you didn't agree with the teachers interpretation. I was sooo happy when I graduated and could read what I wanted. What is it with lit teachers?
Ugh. I had a French teacher like that. And worse yet, sometimes I had the feeling she was holding on to a given interpretation just because her teaching materials had advised her it was the "correct" one -- NOT because she actually thought so herself.