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I'm shamed to say I haven't quite gotten to Why I March yet - but I'm glad you've enjoyed it. I keep flipping to my favorite pictures and haven't gotten all of them viewed yet, and I hate reviewing a book I'm interested in before I finish.

Your thoughts on this are beautiful, though, so I plan on bumping this and Why We March up and reading those in the next week or so.'

ETA: I'm glad things have calmed down at work for you!
ELK's Library 5 years ago
Yeah, I realized after I posted that I may have credited it to the wrong person. If only I could remember who actually reviewed it. I'll have to go back a couple of weeks and see if I can remember, but definitely read this when you get a chance.

And thanks I hope it stays like this for a while.
I did post about the book!

I kinda got sidetracked on reading, though...

ETA: Oh, right, I got it before I got into school. So my everything was going into trying to find out if I'd gotten in, and then there was non-stop celebrations for a while.
ELK's Library 5 years ago
That might have been it, but I could have sworn I had read a review elsewhere. It had several of the more memorable signs quoted in the review. I have a memory like swiss cheese, yesterday I misplaced my keys and couldn't find them for over an hour.
Huh. I can't find reviews with the pictures. I really wanted to see that review now that you mentioned it, just because I wanted to bump up the hits on that. If you do find it, and if you wouldn't mind posting the link, I'd love to take a look.
ELK's Library 5 years ago
I'd love to. I'm not sure it was one this site now that I think about it, which means it's going to be so much harder to find, but I'm intent on tracking it down now, if only to give credit to the reviewer. The search is on!
I tried on the internet and I had no love so far. I'll keep looking in between comics and if I find anything, I'll let you know, too.
ELK's Library 5 years ago
Thank you! It's starting to really bother me now. In between catching up on everybody's reviews, I've been searching my History, but it was over a week ago:(
ELK's Library 5 years ago
Ha! I found it. Thinking back now it was a combination of your post and this one that made me purchase it.

So thank you, now I have to go back and edit my post again.
Ah, thank you! And sorry. You keep having to edit your post.
ELK's Library 5 years ago
No worries. I just wanted to make sure I had credited everybody and link back to the original posts:)