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What the heck is that? You owe me a night of sleep girl ! Your updates are getting creepier and creepier
Litchick's Hit List 8 years ago
This book is getting creepier and creepier!
Aw! He thinks he's people!
Litchick's Hit List 8 years ago
OMFG Grim!
It freaked me out the first time. Now I think it's kinda cute...
Litchick's Hit List 8 years ago
It still creeps me out. The monkey is cute, but that mask...
Human Centipede 2. Big screen. All the boys wanted brain bleach and romance. I think I was the only one who walked out of that looking forward to the third. It's gonna take a lot more than a monkey in a people mask to freak me out!
Jessica (HDB) 8 years ago
Hahaha Grim!
No, seriously, I think someone paled when I mentioned that there was going to be a third. They were like, 'do not want!' I was all like, 'my body is ready!'

And there were a group of boys, and one was like, 'want romcom now', and the other shot back something like, 'shocker.' I did hear the, 'need brain bleach,' line, too. And there were forty five sold out seats, but not a huge room!

Jessica (HDB) 8 years ago
I'm pretty much desensitized to stuff like that. I'd love another one, but only if it is better! The second one was kind of....meh.
I really liked the use of black and white in the second - very striking at places.

Coooory, I made this thread even MORE DISTURBING!
OMG - WTF is that gif?!!? *freaks*
Litchick's Hit List 8 years ago
I had to watch it like 3 times, and now it's just on repeat in my head!!! O_O
Litchick's Hit List 8 years ago
Samesies. I did a google search for "jungle river" because there was another quote I wanted to use to display how vividly he painted the scene, and this creepy little bastard popped up. So I had to use him.
Of course you did!! LMFAO!
Mariana 8 years ago
That gif scared the sh*t out of me... holy crap, ppl at work are looking at me crazy
Litchick's Hit List 8 years ago
Ach! Sorry!
Mariana 8 years ago
No issues, probably needed a reboot :) I am getting a bit complacent and cynical, lol.
Tackling Mt. TBR 8 years ago
That gif might have scarred me for life.
Litchick's Hit List 8 years ago
Mwah ha ha ha ha.
That was the scariest episode of "The River" :0

If you dont count the ending...