Comments: 5 so much, eh.
Litchick's Hit List 5 years ago
Not so much :(
Portable Mistletoe 5 years ago
Well, maybe this is another one that reads much differently to the adult me than the child me. It's on my TBR list, and I'll get around to it eventually.
Moonlight Reader 5 years ago
Your review is very similar to my review.
Dor Does Books 5 years ago
*sadface* Yeah, it's not a romance, it's a thriller.

I know I've said this before (might even have been on Moonlight Reader's review), but I think modern readers can miss out on Maxim's character very easily. He's obsessed with appearances, and with Manderley. Rebecca, sexuality emancipated, bisexual, threatens to destroy that utterly.

The narrator is very passive, very meek. But this home-makerlyness (totally a word) is all she has: she spends her life on a restless tour of Europe protecting Maxim from the memory of Manderley. She never gets a home of her own. She never gets her own identity (hence her anonymous status, she is only ever defined in relation to Maxim). I never felt as though it was a happy existence, for either of them.